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212 Inc/212 Marketing Solutions Inc/212 Consulting Inc (Wellesley Hills, MA)

Update: June 2012
Andrea Atkinson has moved her Cydcor independently owned and operated corporate licensee company from Providence, Rhode Island to Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. She is now calling her company 212, Inc instead of the full 212 Marketing Solutions, Inc. According to the Massachusetts Secretary of State, Andrea registered her company as 212 Consulting, Inc. Andrea's company's former address in Rhode Island is now occupied by a Cydcor licensee called Elite Consulting, Inc (

It is much more difficult to research a company simply called "212 Inc" than "212 Marketing Solutions Inc". Many other Cydcor affiliates have started to use simplistic names: 10 Inc (, Blue Inc (, Orange LTD (, and 5 North Inc (

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits?

People who interview with Cydcor affiliates are told they have the opportunity to be trained for marketing, management, sales, public relations, advertising, human resources so they can open their own office.What the job seekers are not told is that they are trained to open new independently owned corporate licensee offices thus repeating the recruiting cycle.

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

BBB Accredited Business since 3/8/2010
212 Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (781) 237-9977 Fax: (401) 272-2622
40 Washington Street Suite 220
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
BBB file opened: March 08, 2010
Business started: 02/01/2007 in NY
Business incorporated: 06/02/2009 in RI

According to the Better Business Bureau report, 212 Marketing Solutions, Inc started in New York in February 2007, but the company was incorporated in June 2009.
Search by an Individual: Andrea Atkinson
212 Consulting, Inc
Date of Organization in Massachusetts: 12/13/2011
Andrea Atkinson: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director
Location of Principal Office:
212 Consulting, Inc
346 W Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801

Andrea Atkinson

Old location:
400 Westminster Street Suite 204
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 272-2600

Domain Name: 212INC.NET
Created on: 14-Nov-10
400 Westminster St Suite 204
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 272-2600

Creation Date: 21-apr-2009

RipoffReport, Lighthouse Business Solutions (former name of 212 Marketing Solutions)
Lighthouse Business Solutions
120 Amaral Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Phone: (401) 431-2993
Web Address:
rhode island craigslist > jobs > marketing/advertising/PR jobs 

Date: 2011-02-07, 7:23AM EST
Reply to: see below 

Email or Call
401-272-2600 or 

Expanding company hiring now for Entry Level to Management Roles.

Position Includes:
-Contacting client generated leads
-Communicate with customer professionaly
-Track trends and report data to client

We Offer:
-Competitive Compensation
-Paid Training
-Travel Opps


  • Location: PROVIDENCE
  • Compensation: 600-800WK
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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  1. This company now goes by the name of Elite Consulting Providence.

    I was in for an interview just yesterday for the position of Account Manager. Nothing about door-to-door or even "face-to-face" sales was mentioned. Incredibly dishonest people, I wouldn't trust them with anything.

    They are still located in the same building, same suite even. I just wanted to thank whoever put this up for saving me the 6 hour (yes, 6 hour) "second interview job shadowing" scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Dont work for this company unless you want to walk around all day and get no dollas$$. These motherfuckers will act like the job is easy at first(they go as far as acting very positive about thier life, goals etc), they will even go as far as taking you out to thier team night and offer you a drink. Then when your in the field yourself they dont give 2 shits about you but tell you to have a 1 on 1 with somebody in the company which was garbage. I worked there around 2011 for about 4 months and I can honestly say this company is utter trash. You walk around all day in 3 loops, With a lead sheet, and a Verizon Binder with the companies Netbook in hopes of a sale from whatever the fuck there sellin (it was Verizon FiOS) and then half the time people treat u reaallyyy rude and slam the door in your face, tell you "I'm all set", "Im happy with what I have right now", "I hate Verizon", or just straight up lie like they have FiOS. If your looking for a job to work get yourself a real fucking job that pays hourly and don't try to work with D2D sales..........Straight up your wasting your time fuck these assholes stay far faaarrrrr away from even accepting the position listen to me and you wont have to go thru the bullshit that I had to put up with

    1. I am so sorry you had a bad experience. Unfortunately sales is a tough business and not everyone is meant for it. I wish you the best of luck with your future and hope that the 4 months with us gave you some useful experience you can use elsewhere!

    2. i dont think people realize how useful the skills learned in sales really are. Nicely said Andrea!

    3. Anyone can mumble some PC bullshit about business and life. I've seen enough information on this company and all their related companies (and exactly why do they "have" to change their name so often) to understand that their goal is not "business" in the usual sense but taking advantage of young people trying to enter the job market (as mostly young people are lured there). So, not nicely stated Andrea

  3. Horrible company. I worked there for about 2 months because I was in desperate need of a job. Needless to say I was not drinking their Kool-Aid. Weird cult like rituals and forced happiness. Don't do it unless you want to walk around all day in hopes of a sale. So happy with my new job and to be away from these people!

  4. nuff said from the above poster I'm glad people can understand that I wasnt the only one to realize this company is a big HOAX!! Like really who the fuck feels like walking around all day trying to pitch people FiOS in whatever the weather is like (hot, cold, rain, snow) they dont give a shit. I only accepted the job because I had absoloutely no job and was in desperate need. But now I can realize they were nothing but a bunch of fucking assholes who act like a cult from the minute you walk in to the time you leave at night empty handed with a fucking doughnut (means no sale). Especially from what they call bell party. They claim they can help you get as good as they are but whats the point??? I can personally say I tried, I've perfected the pitch, took notes during thier corny ass meetings, practice pitched with fellow co-workers. Hell I even pitched with friends. But you know what enough ranting FUCK 212 DONT WORK FOR THEM!!!!!!!

  5. The above posters are right!! 212 Marketing called me in for an interview. I accepted the offer so I went. They are a bunch of manipulating cock sucking faggots who didnt mention anything about door to door sales. They made me waste my time and gas just to get ready for a fucking interview. When they called me back I googled the name and this is what pops up. Pretty funny if you ask me because theyre #1 when you google the name and #2 they dont deserve the right to be in business anymore!! They post ads all over CareerBuilder posting as Entry Level Account Reps, but its really a sales position. Fuck 212 I think ill pass on them and find me a REAL job

  6. This company is trash dont work for then unless you want to sweat your balls off all day trying to make a sale

  7. ATTENTION ALL JOB SEEKERS!!! DO NOT ACCEPT THE POSITION! THIS IS NOT A DREAM JOB AS THEY SAY IT IS!!!!! These people are very manipulative and will try to stop at nothing to recruit people for door to door sales selling products and services like Verizon FiOS as an example. They post ads all the time on Careerbuilder for FACE TO FACE account reps when your really just selling services and you WILL ONLY GET PAID IF YOU SELL. This company says they offer sallary pay BUT IT'S TRASH BELEIVE ME !! THE BOSS ANDREA IS A TOTAL BITCH JUST CAUSE I WASNT MAKING THE NUMBERS AS PROMISED THEY FIRED ME AND I WAS WORKING ON SALARY!! I'm sorry guys but I speak the truth; the job isnt special these fucking people dont give to shits about you they just care about thier paycheck at the end of the week. They make money off innocent people trying to make a living and getting them to sign up for services that will put people in debt and ruin thier credit score.. My advice is to NOT ACCEPT THIER SHITTY 2ND ROUND INTERVIEW AND IF YOU SAW THIS BEFORE GOING AND YOUR STILL THINKING ABOUT IT??? YOUR A COMPLETE FUCKING MORON FOR ACCEPTING THE JOB

    1. I am sorry you feel that way Albert. I always try and retrain employees for weeks before having to terminate them for poor performance. I also am confused as to why you think the services we represent put people into debt and ruin their credit? We work for the fortune 15 community? Please feel free to give me a call anytime to vent to me directly.

    2. Kinda amazed this webpage exists. Ex Cydcor and Credico employee here did sales for both. While Cydcor ISO's do make their earnings off entry level positions, of mass hiring of hope full college graduates. The sales training program is very legit. Every skill they teach you is needed.

      Direct sales itself is not a job for the weak willed or minded. Worried about commission and walking? Go be someones slave for your 9-5 meager hourly pay or slave long hours on a salary position. In sales you make your success. It is earned not given.

      Never actually met Andrea but worked for Jim Rothamel and Collin Ausfeld both running similar operations. Very good learning environment just don't be a pussy.

    3. Slave my ass motherfucker, I would rather work for a well known company than some bullshit ass company like 212. I ended up finding a job at FedEx for $12.96 an hr, so how about that? These people treat me 100x better than all the bullshit I had to put up with. Your just too fucking blind to realize the company is shit and you can go to hell!!!

    4. Awesome! I am sick of reading about people giving up REAL jobs for the so-called opportunity to work for crap like this.

  8. The guy who wrote the above post is right. Andrea is a complete BITCH!!!! I was working there back in 2011 when they were located in Providence RI and she fired me for the same exact reason. Shes nothing but a selfish bitch who only cares to keep you around if your making her money or not. Forget trying to make a living. To be completely honest you barely get paid when you first start out. IT TOOK ME ALMOST A FUCKING MONTH TO RECEIVE A PAYCHECK FROM THEM AND GUESS WHAT I WAITED ALMOST A WHOLE MONTH TO RECEIVE A SHITTY $120 DOLLAR PAYCHECK!! not to mention I NVER GOTTEN PAID FOR TRAINING AT ALL!!!! Nobody told me that if I came in late that I woulnt receive training pay but what the fuck. Every job pays for training regardless of the situation. Like what the fuck I can work at a McDonalds and make twice the amount in two weeks when you first start out let alone being paid shit wage.

    how does that feel Andrea for even your ex employees talking shit about the company and you?? HAHA this company is a complete joke AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Take advice from an ex employee of 212 from: Anonymous :P

    1. It feels terrible. If you worked for me, you have my number. Call me and lets chat about it. I am sorry you feel that way. Sincerly.

    2. Take out the period and it reads 'It feels terrible if you worked for me'.... hahahah lmao! Yeah b*tch, EXACTLY!

  9. Hello All! If anyone would like to ask me specific questions or address concerns with me directly simply reply and I will be happy to chat!

    1. well you can explain to everybody how this is and CYDCOR are a MLM scheme if not your opinions on this and apologize to everybody for wasting their time coming to the interview or for those who had a unpleasant experience with 212

  10. Just as an FYI - I have incorporated in 3 states due to company expansion, not just "moving".

    1. Andrea,
      You dont have to justify your business to these people. They all seem to be complainers and have bad attitudes. I know Verizon would not work with a "scam". they are a huge company with a name to uphold. The would be stupid to work with dishonest sales people because that would only hurt them in the long run. Smart people will look past this blog and see it is the true scam, trying to hurt a smart hard working entrepreneur such as yourself. They only do this for the $$$$$ from the google ads in the top right side of the page. Press on and keep opening up locations! Who cares if lazy people say rude things if a multi Billion dollar company like Verizon finds you valuable.

  11. All you people need to stop spamming 212 and the comany itself. I was an employee of 212 back in 2011 around July of 2011 till October of 2011. They let me go but that dosent mean I hate the company at all. Andrea is a really nice person of you ever had a 1 on 1 with her or even gotten to chat with her during team night. Although the job wasnt for me I'm still actively looking for employment and if I was to have a second chance with the company id do it all again. For what its worth you do learn how to self-manage yourself and values of a job. Even though I barely made sales I still liked to showed up everyday with a smile on my face and enjoied working with my fellow co-workers. There were times where I felt like the job wasnt for me but I was still determined to make money by selling the services. Only reason why I think I didnt do to good in the sales department is because I for one am a computer tech enthisiast; not a salesman. The only experience I have with sales is eBay; but then again thats easier because your selling products in a live auction or close with a buy it now option from everywhere around the world people can see and place a bid if the item is what they want. It's hard for me to persuade/social engineer people into a service that is better that they currently have. Even when I did, nobody seemed to care about verizon. If the job isnt for you then find another one but dont bitch and complain and cuss Andrea out I understand people want to rant but this is the internet people this puts her business in jeoperady by you guys saying this. This isnt a scam at all, learn to keep these words to yourself and not bring down others by a blog

  12. Here is the thing, Verizon, Direct energy you name it do not make business with the branches, CYDOR does and then it is given to them as to who goes out and does what. This is a scam, not because it takes money out of the people's pockets(even though you are taught to lie and manipulate like I was). It is a scam because you are taught to lie to the customer and not only decieve, but be decieved, Do no be fooled people everything they taught me was to be brainwashed and alienating as the time went through. I spent five days with them in MD, and it was five days too much.

    Now I don't know of this Andrea as we did not meet. But I have to ask you this question. Do you see fit that a "reputable" fortune 500 company is rooted in shotty business practices?. You speak of sucess but honestly, the only people who drove nice "decent" vehicles were three four people. Me the two "ceo's" and some girl that dipped out cause she couldnt find a baby sitter.

    Explain to me how these business fail and most of the managers run their business into the ground if they are taught the path to sucess?
    tell me how you guys give employees the choice of a salary when clearly they are instructed to make a sale first to have the choice, when clearly that is not explained. People can defend this if they wish you're entitled to your opinion.
    I'm stating facts. These people were taught to lie, taught to manipulate and taught the basis of deception every day as well as hour to hour half meetings standing up about hypocrisy.

    But its ok right? I mean this job isn't about the sales part right? I guess thats why people are brainwashed into believing that this is the end all be all opportunity of a lifetime....

  13. You know what 212, you motherfuckers ARE A COMPLETE SCAM!!! They advertise all over career builder as entry level account reps when you really want people to do D2D sales. If your gonna Post on career builder saying that THEN TELL MOTHERFUCKERS WHAT THE JOB IS ACTUALLY ABOUT DON'T BEAT AROUND THE FUCKING BUSH AND MAKE IT SOUND LIKE A DREAM JOB WHEN IT IS NOT. After you get the position and become what the fuck they call a leader, you have to bring people out for interviews just like how they do with the 2nd round interviews. In order to even advance from that position you have to bring people in just like that now does this sound familiar to you people???? its a next generation PONZI SCEME!!! You are taught to lie and manipulate people into a service that just gets expensive later on even with all the bullshit promos you have to offer. Well guess what ladies and gents YOU GET THE SAME PROMOTIONS AND OFFERS FROM ONLINE AT VERIZON'S SITE OR OVER THE PHONE ITS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD TO RESEARCH IF YOU’RE A COMPLETE RETARD AND BEEN HIDING UNDER A ROCK THE WHOLE TIME OR LIVE AT HOME IN GRANDMAS BASEMENT WITH NO INTERNET OR IF YOU WERE FUCKING AMISH OR SOMETHING..... Not to mention you barely get paid walking around, sweating your ass off all day trying to make a sale by the end of the day or in the fucking pouring rain. Not for nothing you motherfuckers can believe all you want and say I'm bitching and whining but guess what imagine if you was broke as fuck and needed a job and stumbled upon this job and barely have any money for anything; relying on this money for your rent etc. You would be pissed to find out these motherfuckers take forever to pay you a god damn check. No bullshit but it took me 4 weeks to receive a fucking check and I WAS NOT SATISFIED AT ALL I WORKED FOR 4 WEEKS STRAIGHT TO RECEIVE MY FIST $123 DOLLAR CHECK I FELT LIKE THESE PEOPLE ARE SOME GREEDY MOTHERFUCKERS AND SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS ANYMORE JUST FOR THAT ALONE. YOU GUYS ALL ACT LIKE A SMILEY HAPPY GO LUCKY FUCKING CULT LIKE NOT A DAMN THING IS WRONG WITH YOUR LIFE AND I'M SICK OF IT. SHOVE THEM FUCKING SMILES UP YOUR ASS AND GO ELSEWHERE FUCK 212, FUCK ALL YOU CYDCOR AFFILIATES WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING IS WRONG AND IM GONNA EXPOSE YOU BASTARDS FOR WHAT YOU REALLY ARE AND FOR ALL THE AGGRAVATION AND BULLSHIT I HAD TO PUT UP WITH WORKING THERE FOR 6 MONTHS. Yes that's right I worked for these people and there nothing but a bunch of manipulating cock suckers and cunts (for the ladies who work there) and boy I tell you it was a mistake I will never forget!! I speak from experience avoid them at all costs........ you know what I laughed when I saw an employee of yours knocking on my door with a smiley face like they want a damn thing wrong doing the same thing I was doing and he agreed on everything I had to say.

    you know what I'm joining in and saying


  14. And another thing; I'm gonna make sure everybody sees this and stop any expansion efforts you bastards have in mind HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. Terry, its not a Ponzi scheme its a MLM scheme.

    Cydcor obviously found loopholes in the MLM business and that's exactly what there doing. With shady practices, underpaid employees, cult like rituals, poor training or no paid training, you only get paid if you sell, false promises of a dream job etc. the list goes on and on. This is exactly how it goes you start off as a D2D salesman then make your way to a leader. You have to recruit people in; having them products and services just like you and have a certain amount of leaders and raise a certain amount of money to advance to a assistant manager. This is real shady especially taking advantage of people who really need jobs. MY ADVICE IS TO DECLINE THIER INTERVIEWS AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!


    This is how the scheme works


    Take that Andrea this is the nail in the coffin once and for all on this MLM scheme you got going on here

  18. That's real nice I just their ad today on CareerBuilder so I did some research into this company and this is what I find. So I called today told the lady over the phone that I heard it was a scam and she goes "well that's debatable thank you for your interest" and hangs up the phone looks like they wont even get my resume or my time for an interview thanks to this blog post alone! Sounds like there some really shady people to me if you ask me

  19. ATTENTION! Do not work for these people. Everything you guys are saying is true. There very manipulative, cult like activities, the whole MLM scheme its true ladies and gentleman. Andrea is trying to profit from all of us going out to the field and making the sales. While she sits in her office all day and does nothing. I thought it was just me that was experiencing this but looks like I'm not the only one after all. Do your research on this company before accepting the interviews so STAY AWAY FROM THIS JOB!!!

  20. Do not work for these people unless you feel like being manipulated and forced into happiness. This job is a total scam and a complete waste of time trying to sell FiOS. Unless you feel like walking around all day for free; Don't work for these shady people. The job is nothing more than a complete joke.

  21. Well thanks for all these scamming comments. I received a call today. I'm not going to waste my time and gas going for a round trip for the interview. It's true, nowadays companies rarely hire entry level positions. Dunkin Donuts might, and Walmart, Target, Shaws, etc. I'll work at Dunkin Donuts or something. At least they're legit employers. It's good to build up your resume working at these workplaces before moving to higher ranks. Even if you're not going to stay very long, it's just for the experience, the skill, and possibly enjoy making the money :) Yay! Well thanks guys for the heads up!

  22. Check out the CT Chapters...the names keep changing you cannot keep track. Currently called Marketing Solutions...then there is Hart City Executives...same bs but in CT with deceptive practices.

  23. You dont have to tell me twice. .am so glad I did my research ..I wont be going to there interview ,if it walks like a duck ,and quacks like a duck..aflac!!!!!

  24. List of the CT Chapter CYDCOR independant company cults:

    Hart City Executives
    111 Founder's Plaza, East Hartford CT

    Colossal Marketing Concepts
    151 New Park Ave., #2, Hartford, Ct 06106 .

    Premier Management Group - 2011 Mike C director
    (860) 953-5618
    40 South Street, 1st Floor Unit B, West Hartford, CT 06110 - read the disclaimer on the side of the website, this company is a phony as a $3 bill.

    Global Business Partners - President Joshua - July 2011
    40 South Street West Hartford CT

    C-13 - Oct 2011
    40 South Street West Hartford CT

    Marketing Solutions aka Northeast Marketing, Inc - CURRENT NAME FOR SUITE 11
    151 New Park Ave, Suite 11, Hartford CT

    Colossal Marketing Concepts
    151 New Park Ave., #2, Hartford, Ct 06106. Mike director.

    Northeast Marketing Inc - August 2011
    151 New Park Ave, Suite 2 Hartford CT

    Pan Global Consulting - August 2011 - Frank
    151 New Park Ave, Suite 9 Hartford CT

    Integrated Concepts
    151 New Park Ave Internet United States of America
    860-231-6260 “Great new England public schools alliance” - answering machine message
    This Business is not BBB Accredited

    1. I worked for 212, but i quit because of the fact i came home so late, but i think those people who worked with me we're really nice people. not saying that i would work for them again because they fired me this time, but honestly i had a someone good happy 15 minute memories with them, I love my trainer though, kat was awesome. but just to be honest yall fired a hard working person right here but thats o.k. there is a bright future ahead of me and i fucking dare you guys firing me get in the way of that, i got over it.. but one thing you guys do need to give a 2 shits about what people are going through.. business is business thats true... but thats all what its about right. i remember that i did make a deal with them when they hired me again.. no excuses... dont come in late and dress professionally, but yet i had some problems had remembering when i called them telling that i cant make for one day for training,, fuck it just one day.. an email sent to me telling me that they dont want to work if me anymore... haha but fuck it, im straight, all i can say is 212 your loss


    Visionquest Consulting, Inc.
    151 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT 06106-2170
    (860) 231-6260
    This Business is not BBB Accredited

    Pinnacle Marketing
    151 New Park Ave
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 231 - 6258 - There blog last updated August 2011 - same picture as Pan Global Concepts’ page on facebook with Frank. They even mention “Amanda” who is a partner at Marketing Solutions. - comment from person interviewed in 2012

    New England Cognitive Center Offices
    151 New Park Avenue
    Suite 9
    Hartford, Connecticut 06106
    860-586-2350 - Jennifer’s voice on voicemail “You’ve reached the human resources department…”

    NE Partners - run by Sergio and Jason
    151 New Park Ave Suite 19, Hartford, CT
    (860) 231-6241 - Jennifer's voice on voicemail “You’ve reached the human resources department…” - mentions Jason, sergio, amanda - as of March 2012.
    This Business is not BBB Accredited

    CT Entertainment Group, Inc.
    330 Main St, 1st Floor
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 305-1461

    CT Entertainment Group, Inc.
    This Business is not BBB Accredited
    (860) 241-8075
    241 Main Street Suite 204, Hartford, CT 06106

    Northeast Marketing Co
    (CLOSED) - (860) 673-2496 8 Covey Rd, Burlington, CT Directions

    Northeast Marketing Co
    Closed (860) 673-2496 - 7 Jennifer Ln Burlington, CT, 06013-1705

    The Maine House Group
    35 Corporate Dr #1135 Trumbull, CT 06611

    Northeast Consulting Group Inc
    (203) 880-5011
    35 Corporate Dr Ste 1135, Trumbull, CT 06611-1355
    This Business is not BBB Accredited

    1177 Silas Deane Highway
    Weathersfield, CT 06109

    Connecticut Acquisitions Group, Inc
    50 Washington St, 7th Floor
    Norwalk, CT 06854
    (203) 354-4529 Main
    (203) 354-4566 Human Resources - Gina - mentioned Cydcor is the broker for their sales

  26. I am very thankful that I saw this blog before i even applied to the position. Its horrible to take advantage of people like you guys are saying.

  27. Its so rediculous that all these people waste there time saying this company is a scam... Has nobody heard of outside sales before? Thats what it seems they do. When people suck at a job the easiest thing to do is blame the employer. It just sounds silly. I for one would love the opportunity to work for a company like this. Mostly just for the challemge of seeinhow I could perform. Keep up the good work andrea

  28. The job isn't so great. If you like walking around for nothing in hopes of a sale then that's basically working for free. You get paid solely on commission and nothing else. You have to option to work on salary and commission at first but don't expect to keep it that way for long. You eventually have to work on just commission ONLY and if your not that good at talking to people socially and all that, then this job isn't for you. The job is to impulse people into the services thus getting paid. People can make it with this company but you just have to be good at selling products and services. Just giving my very two cents

  29. So this company has contacted me several times for interviews, and after the first time I went in, I've learned to research a company before actually going to the interview. This company has changed names so many times, its kind of ridiculous...

    They just called me again today for an interview and I accepted when she had first called me, and then did the research and called them to cancel. This is the 5th or so name that I have been contacted by, and they were all the same company. When I called them back, I informed them of who I was again so they knew it was me, and I heard the woman say "oh, please", like she knew I had done the research, under her breath.

    I apologized to her, but informed her that I just could not afford to spend the gas money for an interview that would amount to them asking me to walk around all day [like they DID last time I interviewed for them, so I'm not just going on the reviews, in case people were wondering].

    The woman was very nice otherwise, and I will not speak badly about her professionalism. She was very professional and had a very nice tone when she called me the first time.

    I will however say just how unprofessional the company she works for is, as I have had the same phone number and email since the first time they contacted me years ago. [I believe I was 19, I am now 25] I have told them via email on several occasions to remove me from their call list and to not contact me again, under any other company name, etc. Obviously that was ignored, forgotten, or as I now believe, they just don't keep records of the people they have already tried to recruit.

    While I hold no real ill will against them, this is simply not the type of position I want, or need. I have many credentials in Customer Service, Mailing, Marketing, and Administrative work, and do not need to be doing physical labor. That being said, I am not lazy, I simply would rather work in an office, using my real skills, than be out on the streets.

    I will also say however, that if someone from this company, under any other name, contacts me again, I will be reporting them to the BBB. Not because I have a grudge or because I don't like Andrea, or because they made me walk around in the cold in office shoes that are not made for walking, but because at this point, I am considering it harassment.

  30. Thanks for the heads up. 212 now has my phone number, though. Wish I read this first.

  31. Hello, I have my second round interview on Tuesday. Nonetheless, I am immensely excited to start working for Andrea. I've done a ton of sales all my life, from NY Life Insurance, to B2B advertisement sales, and real estate even. What I've learned through out my sales experience however, is that most the times the company won't initially tell you the compensation structure. It's by that time you should know that it is in fact a direct sales opportunity. The thing is if you have never in your life worked in a complete 100% commission associated type job, you are guaranteed to face disappointment. Did you know that Sales Managers make some of the TOP annual salaries within the business industry? There's an excellent reason for that, and it's because they started from the bottom up. This is a chance to challenge yourself, to use your creativeness to lure in customer after customer. Once you are able to do so, you will begin to reap rewards beyond imaginable, even if it's not through this company. Thing is you will learn more than you can imagine. Your communication skills alone will become your #1 biggest strength. And do you know what any company wants and needs in a potential candidate, the ability to communicate with anyone, no matter how young or old, no matter their personality type, no matter their gender, their race, etc... Furthermore, this is Verizon FiOS we're talking about here. I get mailings ALL the time about it. 212 is offering you a bit of training, so what if it's a month with just a little bit of pay, it's just another learning experience for you, along with free increased motivation to get out of your damn shell already. You MUST be able to convince people, subtly, not with force. You talk with them first, you become acquainted, you introduce verizon fios without even mentioning that this is something your selling.. Rather you tell them what an amazing experience it's been using this service. This is VERIZON!! Give them an incentive, dress your best, show them you are already a made man. I worked with NY life, and the retention rate is absolutely HORRENDOUS! That's all b/c selling insurance off of your very own leads is nearly impossible. What do you know about insurance? Not to mention, it's something people rarely ever think or care about. But with something like Verizon FiOS, where your presenting a service that can be used NOW, and for such a cheap amount of money, can maybe help and allow you become a TOP EARNER like those who have actually been successful at companies such as NY Life--it's the SAME thing, but better :) (food for thought) -Peter Guirguis Natick, MA! Lets do this. Oh how i love a challenge..

  32. I also worked for 212 Marketing Solutions for about 4 months a few years ago. Four months I will never get back again. You spend 6 days a week working there from sun up way past sun down. I was told that I WOULD get paid for training and then after my training was over I was THEN told that in order to have gotten the payment for the training I HAD to make a sale. I was beyond pissed but needed the job and decided to stick with it. I made a few sales not a lot made about 200 to 400 a week. I barely had time for myself when I'd go home I was too exhausted to eat and couldn't order out because I never made enough to spend my money like that not with bills and rent to pay which I barely managed to do. Some of the people were nice yes and others were very stuck up. A few were supportive and could see right past me no matter how I hide it that I had a bad day and gave me advice and such. I saw lots of people come and go and always feared that week would be my last. I ended up quitting before I could get fired. When they give you your territory the houses your going to a lot of them are houses they've visited over the years and those people who lived there HATED us. They would give those territories to the new comers and give new and fresh houses to people who made the most. I will say Andrea is not a bitch she was very nice to me. BUT I will say that she expects you to make a bunch of sales right away when it took her 3 months to make one when she was new!!! I remember this clearly because I was shocked that she refused to give us the same chance someone took on her and it made me like her even less. I worked during the winter and I can't count how many times I walked around in WET boots and fell. A lot of the time it was raining in the winter and we still had to work!! IF you even dared to ask for a day off kiss your job goodbye. One of the bosses was a big time pervert and hit on me quite a few times and others even though he had a girlfriend. I remember one time he told me when no one else was around that he'd let me go down on him as if that was some privilege!! I told him no and his respond was are you sure I'm not going to ask you again and once again I told him no. He did lay off after that but I could not have been the 1st female to work for them that happened to. This job is worth no ones times and I will agree it is a scam from what I have seen. I went in everyday did my best worked my ass off for months for nothing at all. Hell one of their top salesman gave me a ride home one day and we sat in my parking lot talking about the job and having a drink and he even admitted to me that he hated the job and it was full of shit AND this was someone who did good with them. All these people posting this positive bullshit are people who work for them or know them. Like for example Daniel Smith I know this cause I WORKED with him while there. So don't buy into it. You'll make more money at dunkin donuts or some other store or anything but this. Hell I made more money selling things on the phone then at 212. They favor certain people and will draw you in with flash and such but it's bullshit. Even the team nights as much fun as that was they made you go to them it was mandatory. So safe yourself the trouble and forget about places like 212 it's just not worth the time or effort.

  33. I received a call from this company today. I googled them as I was speaking to the lady, saw this blog and told her I needed to call her back. After reviewing this, their very vague website and job postings on I decided to decline their offer. I called them back and got hung up un 3 times before actually getting a person on the phone. I told her I was no interested in any offers from them and to please remove my phone number from their list, she didn't even ask why just said "okay, what's your number" and hung up. I was surprised that they didn't even care to ask why...

  34. I worked for 212 for several weeks and I can tell all of you for a FACT that Andrea is one of the nicest, most giving people I have ever met. Her team in wellseley is a great group of positive supportive people and that job was one of the most positive experiences of my life. Andrea does a ton of charity work for project smile and autism awareness amongst other things and she is a fantastic person inside & out. People calling her names are people who didn't stay long enough to get to know her - think about it for a minute - sales is NOT for the faint of heart and because of that there is a turn over rate - yet instead of being super guarded she we comes people in to join in on the great time this office is having saving people money on their utility bills!! The only reason I left was because I was spending 4 hours on trains & busses to get there & home - but think about this **I was willing to do that for weeks because I loved the people I was working with and the environment she has established!!**
    I would recommend this job to anyone with positive energy, drive and a dream to be there own boss one day! She never lies & says it will be easy & you'll make 6 figures in a year. She tells it like it is and says you will get what you put in! Work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor!! I made great money & had a wonderful time! I will miss them all and hope to stay friends with all of them!!!

    1. It is amazing that organizations still exists to this day which still manage to put these schemes together. I have worked for a similar organization which preys on the innocence of individuals whom are in dire need of legitimate employment. Andrea is very intelligent and her business plan is simple. Primarily she recruits and trains cheaply, relies on individuals to support her market research on an already saturated market, and lastly, has minimal overhead. She is successful as a result. If you have studied business models, this strategy favors how outsourcing works. Honestly, anyone can see that, Andrea gets paid through the large businesses she solicits, she does not need to provide any real training as her recruiting tactics are a combination of true physiological manipulation and the desires for people to succeed. She continues to defend her organization on this site, which seems to validate that her intentions are far from sincere. Any real business individual would never run the risk of ruining their credibility by resorting to responding to these posts.... Unless, she in addition to scamming individuals also solicits emails. Nevertheless, you have to give kudos to Andrea who has a shrewd business sense and many devices to further her marketing endeavors. The only vehicle which will discontinue this brand of dishonesty is due diligence and a call for people to reform this form of social injustice. I would advise individuals to contact a member of law enforcement in Wellesley as she has failed to provide with the appropriate credentials to solicit door to door. She also runs the risk of getting someone seriously injured. Dogs do bite and without credentials you are trespassing! These are all things I dealt with in the past when I fell for a similar scheme. It drove me to realize that if I can put all that hard work to working for another individual I can work for myself and finished my education. I graduated the top of my class!!!