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EMW Inc/Dzurenda and Associates (San Francisco, CA)

On June 6, 2011, Dzurenda and Associates,, was renamed to EMW, Inc., EMW is located in the very same office as Dzurenda and Associates. EMW uses the very same telephone number. Why is the company called EMW? Who or what are the initials EMW?
Do a Google search: "The Del Rosario Foundation San Francisco" and you will find all results coming from the press releases by EMW, Inc. You will not be able to find a telephone number, street address or any other information about this charity.  Does this charity really exists?
Jun 30, 2011 – The Del Rosario Foundation is a local San Francisco organization established by a close friend of one of the local firm's executives.
San Francisco, CA, July 07, 2011 --( EMW participated in a charity golf outing to raise money for a local charity. Members of the company joined local firms, family and friends in a golf tournament to help the Del Rosario Foundation in generating close to $10000 for the organization. The Del Rosario Foundation is a local San Francisco organization established by a close friend of one of the local firm’s executives.

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2011 0335677-00 EMW INC. 05/17/2011

185 BERRY ST., STE. 3450




As of 03/17/2012, search on California Secretary of State, Business Search
No listing found for EMW, Inc in San Francisco.

185 Berry St., Suite 3450
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph: (415) 284-9200

False statement! was created on 04/13/2011.
EMW in San Francisco did not exist in 2006.

On 06/16/2011, EMW changed the company name from EMC to EMW on their website.

Before 06/16/2011,'s WHO WE ARE section had the company as EMC, Inc instead of EMW, Inc. Was the EMC a typographical error or was the company originally going to be called EMC, Inc but was changed to EMW, Inc? A Google search of EMW, Inc results in 729,000 listings while a search of EMC, Inc results in 20.5 million listings.

EMC, Inc. is the preferred Direct-marketing firm for Fortune 500 companies in several different industries.  Since 2006, EMW has been the top choice for companies with outsourcing needs.

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Creation Date: 04-may-2009
Expiration Date: 04-may-2012
Dzurenda and Associates is a Cydcor ICL (Independently owned Corporate Licensee). Cydcor affiliates advertise entry-level jobs and management training, but in reality they are recruiting for door-to-door commission sales people.

Dzurenda started advertising their "entry level marketing/sales jobs" on Craigslist in spring 2009. In spring 2010, Dzurenda stopped including identifying information (company name, website, corporate e-mail address, and telephone number) in the Craigslist job ads because many job seekers were getting wise to their deceptive job ads and all-day "second interviews".  On their previous website, Dzurenda states they were incorporated in 2006 and they had offices in New England, New York and New Jersey, but no search results were found for "Dzurenda and Associates" except for their office in San Francisco. The domain name was created on 04-may-2009.

195 Marketing Group
120 Amaral St., Riverside, Rhode Island
(401) 431-2993
Cydcor affiliate owned by Trevor Dzurenda.
Andrade Acquisitions Inc and Lighthouse Business Solutions, two defunct Cydcor affiliates also had the same address and telephone number as 195 Marketing Group.
San Francisco, Calif. August 6, 2009 -- Dzurenda & Associates, a leading provider of outsourced direct marketing and customer acquisition teams, celebrates sales success after relocating headquarters to San Francisco from Rhode Island earlier this year.
195 Marketing
Marketing and Advertising industry
April 2006 – January 2009 (2 years 10 months)

Both "The East Bay" (formerly East Bay Concepts,,, and "Dzurenda and Associates" have used the following paragraph in their Craiglist job ads, but be aware that Cydcor has probably supplied the same training and marketing material to all their ICLs (Independently owned Corporate Licensees).

"Currently we are hiring to train ENTRY LEVEL account reps for management. Our advancement policy is 100% promotion from within, so every candidate begins advancing from the same entry level sales and marketing position. "
dzurenda and associates is a premier direct marketing firm in San Francisco, CA.
185 Berry Street #3450
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 284-9200


Updated Date: 05-apr-2011
Creation Date: 04-may-2009
Since our incorporation in 2006, Dzurenda has expanded from the New England area to New York, New Jersey.  We are proud to have opened our largest location to date in San Francisco.

Trevor Dzurenda, President

Girlie Masauan aka Girlie Pascual
Head of Operations/Director of Human Resources


Read and judge for yourself:

Dzurenda and Associates has the same address as a defunct Cydcor affiliate, The Marketing Group.

Google search: Dzurenda and Associates
Yelp Conversation, Is Dzurenda and Associates a Scam?

Yelp Review, Dzurenda and Associates

Both Dzurenda & Associates and EMW, Inc stated 2006 as their founding year and both have an office address at 185 Berry Street in San Francisco. Dzurenda & Associates owns the fictitious business name EMW, Inc.



  1. I actually appreciate this site. As a former recruiter for DZ and Upstream Solutions, I often battled with the 'objections' from potential candidate regarding their research online. I hated it at the time and thought terrible things about those that failed or didn't 'try'. I knew then what I was doing was wrong, basically cold calling people that sent their email in hopelessly thinking they'd get the job of their dreams in a terrible economy. The next day they'd get a call from me... (and if you met me, you'd understand... I'm chipper, gullible, attractive and a Mother figure) I'd follow the script, close the deal and fill the lobby the next day.
    The regret that I do have is not documenting numerous accounts of sexual harassment and hundreds of missed lunched that I felt I couldn't take... obviously I was to hit my 'goal' too before treating myself to the 30 mins a 10hr day deserves.
    However, there are a few people that made a light in the dark. Dong Tran is an amazing person, business man and Father/Husband. My respect to him goes river deep and mountain high. Sam Lee, again, another DZ person I have much respect for.
    As for the others, you know your name, you know your game and what you've done.
    I end this on the note that, Girls if you go, where a full suit and Guys, you're not going to sleep with the receptionist, she's probably already sleeping with Trevor.

  2. i fell for the ad on craigslist and went to the interview, the hr director lauren was super hot which was a red flag to me because receptionists are usually fat ugly girls. lauren would make a great porn star. the interview was very short and i was invited to 2nd all day interview. i showed up for the second interview and left mid way

  3. They're still posting ads. I appreciate this site, I had an interview scheduled for today but I'm definitely not going. Seems like a pretty general consensus from all the reviews (Yelp has some good ones) that this place is bullsh*t. Looks like I'm gonna be waiting tables a bit longer than expected...

  4. Thank you very much for this heads up...not gonna border myself going there on Monday

  5. Glad I read this before going to the interview tomorrow. Although I wish I would've read this before I bought a new dress shirt and tie that I apparently don't need now :/

    I guess I should've seen it coming considering how much effort they put into contacting me when my experience is really limited.

  6. thank you. interview is tomorrow but i'm going to cancel. you saved me gas money!

  7. So I went to the first interview today, thinking that my initial research results of these comments and yelp and this blog was possibly another competitor trying to through them out. BUTTTT it is true! The first interview is described as most of the comments here. I am not going tomorrow as they call it the second interview. Jak, I was the chinese guy. lol. i think we were at the interview together today. Glad you asked the compensation question, cause he damn sure couldnt answer it!

  8. Thank God I was informed before I made the biggest mistake in my life lol!!!! I think I will be sticking to the job i have for now!


  9. Ugh annoying, I am not going to this interview on Monday. I will have to reply to the email sent to me with the "Sincerely" entry empty. Thank goodness I have another interview to attend same day!
    Thanks Blogger for this review, I would of regretted the gas and mileage spent to attend this just to find out it's a door-to-door sales position.

  10. wow...this is so impressive .i went for the first interview and they made me come back for a second interview which was from 1 till 8 and they wanted me to come back today 05/31/2012 to fill out papers and start work.

  11. Thank good for this website. I just got off the phone with these people and I am suppose to go in for an interview tomorrow. It seemed WAY to good to be true so I did a little research and came across this website. The people I talked to are located at 185 Berry st. in San francisco but I believe they now go by emc or pmc. They claim to be opening a new office soon and are currently working with AT&T as their big client. Of course the girl on the phone was super nice and seemed to want to get me in there right away. One thing that really sent up a red flag for me was the girl had called and left me a message two days in a row, both times stating they were interested in meeting me. Of all my years I have never been called twice by a company asking me to come in for an interview.
    If it seems to good to be true then it usually is.

  12. Welp! I definitely won't go to the interview tomorrow. I found it suspicious so I will save my time and stick with my security job for now. This blog saved my life.