Sunday, April 24, 2011

LNE Consulting Inc (Hollywood, FL near Miami)

LNE Consulting Inc (6030 Hollywood Blvd Suite 225, Hollywood, Fl 33024) is a Cydcor ICL (Independently owned Corporate Licensee). Cydcor affiliates advertise entry-level jobs and management training, but in reality they are recruiting for door-to-door commission sales people. Cydcor affiliates use the term "face to face" instead of door-to-door sales.

If the job ad for entry-level training for sales, marketing, management "sounds too good to be true", be cautious and ask lots of questions during the job interview. Are you sure you really want to work on commission pay driving possibly hundreds of miles a week?

What is LNE short for? Many Cydcor affiliates will create company names with three letters in the name and they never explain the name. LNE's Manta listing states they have 250-499 employees. Really?

6030 Hollywood Blvd Suite 225
Hollywood, Fl 33024
Telephone: 954-963-4440
Fax: 954-963-4445
LNE Consulting is part of a nation-wide organization of independently operated Promotional Marketing firms that specialize in customer acquisition, retention, and sales in the small to medium business sector on behalf of large, service-based corporations.
LNE Consulting, Inc.’s Specialties:
Promotional Marketing, Direct Marketing, Sales, Quill, Customer Acquisitions, Customer Retention, Consulting, Training, Reviews
Products or Services
Promotional Marketing, Sales, QUILL, Reviews
Location Type Single Location
Annual Revenue $1 to 2.5 million
Employees 250 to 499
Years in Business 15

Created on: 07-Oct-09
Expires on: 07-Oct-11
Last Updated on: 10-Feb-11

Julie Edmonds’s Experience

SNC ----------------------> What is an SNC? Did Julie make up a business title for herself?
LNE Consulting, Inc
(Privately Held; Marketing and Advertising industry)
October 2005 — Present (5 years 5 months)
Aids in building and and supervising other business owners and campaigns throughout N. America.

LNE Consulting
(Privately Held; Marketing and Advertising industry)
October 1996 — Present (14 years 5 months)

Strictly Advertising
(Marketing and Advertising industry)
October 1996 — October 2008 (12 years 1 month)


  1. THANK YOU!!!! I almost made the huge mistake of going for an interview under false pretenses.... when I called again to ask them if they had any affiliation to Cydcor The girl who answered the phone Joann started stuttering And said we go business to business not door to door....

    But frankly for me effing crap!

    Your information was priceless thank you!

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  3. Since being laid off, I've been actively seeking for an administrative position in the Hollywood area. I received a call from Luana with Sparta. She told me that there is a administrative position in the HR department in Hollywood, working Monday through Friday, 8am to 5:30 pm. I thought this is exactly what I'm looking for being that I'm a single mother with an excellent administrative background. I asked questions about the company in which she said was a great consulting group and that she would give me the details the next day at the interview . When I arrived, I noticed the sign in the lobby said LNE not Sparta. I of course had never heard of either company but went inside anyways. The waiting room looks exactly like a doctor's office. I joked to the receptionist that I felt as if I was getting ready to have my tooth pulled. Then a man greeted, introduce himself and escorted me to his office. He first looked over my resume and asked me why I was changing careers. I told him that I wasn't and that I was there for the HR admin position. He proceeded to tell me about the business and it's goals. I abruptly interrupted him and asked if the job consisted of cold calling sales. He said it was face to face and that I'd do well. I politely apologized and told him that I wasn't interested. He then had the nerve to tell me not to waste his time. I responded, "Why?! You've just wasted mine!" Needless to say, he sarcastically kicked me out.