Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moxy Marketing, Inc/MMI Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits such as health insurance? Will you be required to use your car with no expense reimbursement on a daily basis to do your job?

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

If you interview with MMI Marketing, ask them what do the initials MMI stand for? Will they tell you that MMI stands for Moxy Marketing, Inc?

MMI Marketing
33 Terminal Way Ste 525
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 224-2265

Created on: 10-Apr-2013
Expires on: 10-Apr-2014

Created on: 07-Dec-10 (Dec 7, 2010)
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Marketing Firm Seeks Restaurant Retail Hospitality Experience (Pittsburgh (southside)

Date: 2011-02-21, 10:48AM EST
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Does your wrist hurt from carrying trays?
Tired of stains on your clothes and smelling like fried food?
Tired of customers who think 15% is a GREAT TIP???
Tired of working weekends, swing shifts and holidays.
Are you ready to have CONTROL over your own SUCCESS?

MMI Marketing is a privately-owned marketing and sales firm in the Pittsburgh area with an expanding client portfolio. We have experienced over 300% growth since opening our doors and are looking to open six new offices in the next year – each location is ran by a managing partner who has gone through the management training program we are hiring for right now.

We find that candidates in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries have valuable skill sets due to their constant interaction with the public and ability to deal with people in various situations.

All of our positions are entry-level, allow for rapid advancement into a branch-management role, and involve DIRECT INTERACTION WITH PEOPLE on a day to day basis. DO NOT APPLY to this position if you want to be in an office or cubicle staring at a computer screen eight hours a day.

The available positions in our Pittsburgh branch are for an ENTRY LEVEL MARKETING and SALES REPRESENTATIVE. Because we train from the ground up, we do not require our entry level candidates to have any experience. We do require candidates to have outstanding interpersonal skills, an unbeatable work ethic, unquestionable integrity, a willingness to learn, and a desire to grow both professionally and personally.

Benefits Available. All positions are entry level regardless of experience where promotions are based upon initiative and merit. Internships available. A 4 year college degree is preferred but not mandatory. We are filling positions ASAP so please respond promptly if interested.

Please apply via email at or call 412-224-2265 and ask to speak with Lynn in Human Resources.
  • Location: Pittsburgh (southside)
  • Compensation: 35k to 40k entry level
  • This is an internship job
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls about this job are ok.
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
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  1. I supposed to have an interview with MMI Marketing yesterday but I unfortunately missed it. I found the company suspicious because their "fancy" website doesn't say anything about their business, and the whole website is actually only one page. After searching reviews online, I decides not to reschedule another interview with them, thanks for your blog!

  2. Beware of hidden kick backs to owner and if you make a sale and they call back to cancel you don't get the commission like you were told you would even with a cancelation. Even though atmosphere is great, pay sucks.

  3. Be careful they just changed their name once again. Instead of MMI its now Real Pittsburgh Marketing. What a joke.

  4. My friend and I interviewed for this company. I turned it down because it seemed suspicious and she took the job. They took her bank account information and wiped out her account. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

  5. Thanks for your help. I was literally in their lobby waiting to get into my 2nd round interview for them when I read this. I stood up and walked out of their office after reading this. I thought this was a good company but it turns out they are just a bunch of frauds. Thanks again!

  6. I Confronted Their "Branch Manager" half-way Through this farce! First Of All, They Posted the job As A Corporate Training Job. I Made Sure That They Confirmed This at Least 3 Times Before The 1 On 1. While She Tried To Dance Around The Fact That The Job Is Knocking On Doors In The Hood, I Immediately Responded That This Whole 2 Hour Dumb Dumb Fest Was A Waste Of Time! Her Only RePonse Was That It Is, "Only For 3 Months."

    When I Was Leaving, I Made A Friendly Joke About Being Busy. She Responded WIth, "When U Make 6 Figs., You Dont Have Alot Of Time." I Genuinely Laughed My Ass Off From THat,Considering The waiting Room Looked Like Arrests From A Jerry Springer Show...PLUS Outright LYING About The Corporate Training Bs.

    There Should B A National Blog About These Slimeballs! In Addition To Having To Grovel To Pay Our Bills, Taxes, Etc., With Unemployment And Underemployment Skyrocketing...NOW We Are Being Scammed?????

    At The Least, We Should petition The Job Boards To NOT List Scamms In Their Classifieds. Perhaps The FTC Would Have Interest In These Slimy Guys.

    Maybe KDKA Would Have An Interest In Seeing These Scumballs Hide Their Heads, While Being Peppered With Very Uncomfortable Questions!!

  7. This is very interesting. . I have an interview tomorrow with a company that is located at this same exact location and same suite but what caught my eye was that the company name is called mmi in this blog but the place im interviewing for is called Real Pittsburgh Marketing. . And I was told I am interviewing for a low entry data postion... because my resume an schooling is in business. .. sorry I am not 40, 000 dollers in debt for a door to door damn job!!!!

    1. Jessica, a company posting has been created on this blog on Real Pittsburgh Marketing so you can describe your interview experience. Real Pittsburgh Marketing is a another independent Cydcor affiliate run out of the same office as Moxy Marketing Inc. Do not be surprised if in a year or two when Real Pittsburgh Marketing changes their name to RPM which is common for Cydcor affiliates to change their name to three letters so job seekers will have a difficult time locating information about these "marketing" companies. It is really disgusting how these independent companies will recruit for face-to-face marketing when they are really recruiting for door-to-door sales. Marketing? Really?

  8. Yeah just to let everyone know that I attended my interview it was bullshit.. they danced around the fact that id b a door knocker!! An tell me that people that start months after me could move up before me!!! Im but still stuck to the fact that id be employed in low data entry... yeah thats not data entry thats beginners level customer service! !! Plus the guy interviewing me was younger then me!!! Seriously I aint that stupid!!!

  9. What about steel city executives ? This sounds very much like the scams you mention?

    1. I want to say yes .. didn't interview with them but I know they contacted me too.. it can be so hard to figure out what companies are legit and what aren't .. lots of research needs to be done .. good luck!!

  10. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this.. Looking for marketing jobs and the only companies that seem to contact me are ones that fit this description.. Steel City Executives, Varipoint, and just a little bit ago Real Pittsburgh Marketing but let it go to answering machine... I'm going to start reading up on companies before I click on a job posting because it seems as soon as I do within a day or two I get a call saying they have received the resume I sent them.. FACT: I did not send them my resume.. Thanks again!! oh also research companies using Rip Off Report!! It has helped me in the past but still make sure you do more research because sometimes companies will come up with the keywords you type and it won't be the same company!!

  11. If you guys knew anything about the background of the company you would see why it is not a joke and it is real and wonderful. I have worked for the company for 9 months and everything they offered me was true. It is hard work, I get paid every week quite well, and I love my job. MMI DID NOT CHANGE ITS NAME TO REAL PITTSBURGH MARKETING. RPM is a completely different company with a completely different owner. A man who works very hard opened that company and does well. Ashley may have made a bad name for her company, but that does not mean all marketing companies are the same. Don't judge a job just because of a bad review on a web page. It is a great opportunity.

  12. Oh, and if someone calls you and says you sent them your resume and you didn't, it's because you posted it on a place like or and they get sent your resume because you seem like a good fit.