Sunday, April 24, 2011

The SoCal Group/Southern California Group, Orange, CA

Southern California Group/SoCal Group (265 South Anita Drive, Suite 118, Orange, CA 92868, 714-385-8164) is a Cydcor ICL (Independently owned Corporate Licensee). Cydcor affiliates advertise entry-level jobs and management training, but in reality they are recruiting for door-to-door commission sales people. The founder, a manager, and an administrator all "graduated" from their time at another Cydcor affiliate, The Ad Group,

Read and judge for yourself:

On their ads for employment, it states that compensation is $30-40k. In the entire time I worked there I don't know of anyone who made that much. Most people on average make about $20k a year (if they stayed that long) or about $300 for a 
50-60 hour work week.
Managers: Tedford Picha and Eric Lee
265 South Anita Drive, Suite 118
Orange, CA 92868
Tel: 714.385.8164

Created on: 30-Apr-09
Expires on: 30-Apr-11
Last Updated on: 15-Nov-10

Administrative Contact:
picha, Tedford
265 S. anitia Dr.
Suite 118
orange, CA 92868
United States


  1. Thank you for your blog! There are way too many job scams out there!

  2. My boyfriend at the time gave up his $60,000 a year job to work here. We moved to California together and he got sucked into this MLM scam. After losing all of our money to this, we became homeless (lived in an old motorhome) and eventually it ruined our relationship and I had to move backhome to my parents. This is the biggest BS company I've ever seen. What a bunch of greedy, lying cheeseball salesmen...

  3. Carolyn, your boyfriend gave up his $60,000 a year job (with vacation, health insurance, and retirement benefits) to work for an independently owned Cydcor affiliate? You and your boyfriend moved from where to Southern California to work for The SoCal Group? Readers of this blog would love to read more details about what happened. How long did your boyfriend work for the SoCal Group? How high up in their organization did he work up to? Did you also for for the SoCal Group? How did you and your boyfriend lose all your money to The SoCal Group? Your boyfriend did not mind doing door-to-door sales during his "second interview?" Why do you blame The Socal Group for you and your boyfriend becoming homeless? How did the two of you become homeless?

  4. Listen up everyone! I'm going to detail the hustle of this company, Project Launch, Demur International, or WHATEVER sham company they decide to use next week, on paper only, or at the same address in the City of Orange.

    They post ads in literally every possible job forum offering "jobs" that seem appealing to younger graduates and the like. They pick themes that are popular, like sports. After all, with the pimp type music videos and the illusion of an attachment between money and sports, doesn't it add sex appeal to the position?

    Anyway, both upon meeting with, and over the phone, they resort to the use of vagaries and diversion when asked about features of the position offered. They constantly avoid offering any specifics while constantly placing the onus on YOU, the job seeker. By utilizing a well choreographed dog and pony show, this is the questionaire they ask you to fill out and the way they schedule multiple "applicants" arrive for their interview at the same time, they hope to provide the illusion that many people "want" their "job". But wait, there's more! The worst part, like any MLM system, they constantly attempt to suggest that YOU control your destiny, and that if YOU are diligent and hardworking, you too can be rich like them. Unfortunately, not only are they NOT wealthy, but the "easy to reach" sales figures they offer you have never been reached by ANYONE, not even them. They are so ridiculously unachievable, not even Tony Robbins himself could reach them, and considering the actual compensation, nobody with more than two brain cells would want to if possible. All the time you try, they continue to suggest that harder work would make you a millionaire, if only you were more dedicated?

    In closing, if their lips are moving, if their words are printed in an email, internet job site, or any other public media forum, they're lying, period!