Sunday, April 24, 2011

Southern California Marketing (Anaheim, CA)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state "face to face" and "no experience required". If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits? Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview".

A Google search of the street address including Suite 203 brings up Kelly Advertising Group. It appears the Smart Circle affiliate at 701 E. Ball Rd., Suite 203, changed name from Kelly Advertising Group to Scanno to now SC Marketing (aka Socal Marketing aka Southern California Marketing).

The California Secretary of State,, shows the Scanno Advertising Group was filed on 04/26/2006 and SC Marketing Inc was filed on 02/26/2009.
Adam Kuchyt is the president of both SC Marketing Inc and Scanno Advertising Group.

SCM states 4-years yet their domain name was created in March 2009.
Over the past 4 years SCM has created a reputation for itself as one of the premiere tools used by the sports and entertainment industry to generate business.

Southern California Marketing
701 E. Ball Rd. Suite 203
Anaheim, CA 92805
Ph: (714) 956-4901
Fax: (714) 956-4905

Domain Name: SC-MKTG.COM
Creation Date: 07-mar-2009

Scanno Advertising Group Inc
701 E Ball Rd Ste 203
AnaheimCA  92805-5924
Phone: (714) 956-4900
Read the Ripoff Reports about Scanno Advertising
Same street address as SC Marketing, Socal Marketing, Southern California Marketing and scannoadvertising do not bring up any working websites.


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  1. I recently received an email for an preliminary phone interview with Universal Marketing Group, which has the same address as Southern California Marketing: 741 E. Ball Rd, Suite 203
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    Are these two companies the same, or is this another scam?

  2. Yes they are! I have had an interview with both companies at the same time. They get recent grads or people who are desperate for a job to do an entry level sales job. They play it up like its so awesome but its basically a door to door sales person. They say its base commission but they would never fully verify that information in my interviews. Also when I went on a ride along (because there are really sales jobs out there that will do this) there was some unethical practices being done. I would not recommend them from my experience in October 2011

  3. Sorry typo "they say it isnt all commission base"

  4. I am getting the same thing from other companies to that say they are legit and are saying that they are capable of defying state law/s because they are a private corporation where thier private company policies are more stingient than state laws. The State is over them to the best of my knowledge.

  5. THIS IS NOT A JOB ITS A PYRAMID SCAM. Let me guess, you got an email right after applying and also an interview the next day?! Yeah, so did tons of other people including myself. They are so shady about pay and everything else on the first interview. They wont even tell you what you are going to be doing. Well, you will be wasting 10 hours of your day walking around selling their stupid ticket bundles door to door at random business complexes. They don't care if there is a non soliciting sign out front of the business or that its a MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY, you march right in with your leader for the day awkwardly asking random strangers while they are busy working if they would like some tickets to watch the [insert team name here]. During my 10 hour day, my group together sold to MAYBE 5 out of 200 people asked. Complete waste of time. PLUS its based off of a terrible commission. You will only be making around 9 dollars of every ticket bundle you sell. DON'T FALL FOR THIS.

    1. Do you know what the definition of scam is? A scam would mean that the promotional ticket packages do not work and are in fact fraudulent. Have any of you purchased ticket packages from Costco or Sam's Club? Did those Angel tickets or movie tickets or gym memberships work or were they fake? Because its the same company. SC marketing wouldn't have the clients they do and access to their inventory and contracts with major wholesalers if they were a "pyramid scam". I know this because I worked for them for 4 months and had to leave because the commute to and from LA while going to school full time and working full time became too much for me. I worked in their retail division and just so you know, it is an hourly rate and commission with a draw structure set up, which they tell you and explain in black and white if you are asked back for a 2nd round interview. It sounds like you went on an interview with a b2b manager, those guys are making $10-$15 dollars per ticket package and if you can't sell Angel tickets in Anaheim, you probably shouldn't be in sales. As far as the ticket bundles being stupid, obviously you are not a sports fan because anyone I know would love to get $400 worth of tickets for $40, period. Walking around and wasting your day shows you don't know what work ethic is. Have you ever heard of insurance sales? Or maybe you have met a realtor before in your lifetime? (Probably not, because I doubt you own a home based on your inability to use the word pyramid correctly. Just to clarify that for you as well, a pyramid scheme or a MLM company requires you to buy merchandise and you make profit off of other people below you, both of which don't occur there.)
      When I went in for my 1st interview I was suspicious as well because of how many negative reviews there were. But like an other educated person I decided to form my own judgement and opinion by checking out the company for myself. Did I work long hours? Yes. Did I have to wake up earlier then most? Yes. Did I have to actually work while at work? Yes. Is it a fast-paced environment? Yes. Are you expected to give 110% everyday? Yes. If any of these are deal breakers for you, you probably should follow the leader and not go to your interview. If you are genuinely looking for a career and if work ethic is a term you are familiar with, I would go and check it out.
      Worse case scenario, you get to see an example of someone who knows what drive and dedication means. You are unemployed after all, aren't you?

    2. Matt you miss the point we're all making and are clearly biased. They use false advertising and keep changing the company name for a reason. They might not be a real definition of a "scam" but they are selling the door-to-door sales position as a Marketing or Event Coordinator position to attract naive kids just out of college. It has NOTHING to do with work ethic. I'm not entry level, I should know. False ads and deceptive tactics are bad news NO MATTER WHAT! Idiot.

      Any company at 741 E. Ball Road in Anaheim is to be taken with caution. Check them out, just ask tough questions and don't take it from me or hacks like Matt who clearly work there.


  7. Matt, I went there for an interview and they glamorized the job like it was amazing. Oh and btw I was applying for the customer service rep. position which was an office job mind you. I went in for the interview and they wouldn't give me any information on anything, I was a little sketched out. So I went into the second interview which they never said was gonna be an all day thing for one and at first I was alright with it and then they started explaining everything about the job and I immediately knew I was in a sales job. I figured I might as well try it out and see what it was like until I found out we were scouting places that didn't allow soliciting. They lied to me and I almost got ticketed due to the way they do their "job"

    They blatantly lied to me about the job I was applying for, so yes in a way this is a scam.

  8. Just wanted to add in two other names the same company is working under (shows how much of a scam they are!)

    Incito Inc. and Appreciation Events

    both are at the address below. They are nothing more than door-to-door sales, but their ads and reps say they are marketing and what I applied for was an Event Coordinator position.

    New Address:

    741 E. Ball Rd. #202
    Anaheim, CA 92805

    What they do isn't illegal per se, but it certainly is unethical with false advertising and not being honest up front. Just be careful of these multi-level marketing schemes, they are no better than a pyramid scheme. All commission, no room for growth, and only sales experience.

  9. I'm suppose to get a interview call from these guys in 5 minutes for an "event coordinator" position. Great! So glad I don't have to worry about this call :P

  10. I just finished my 2 minute long interview with Universal Marketing Group and I cannot thank this board enough for the insight into this company! I was able to go straight to the point and ask: are you only hiring table demonstration positions or are you actually looking for event/meeting planners (which I've been doing for the last 7 years)? The man confirmed you must start from the bottom (table/booth demonstrater) and work your way up. I've been doing this for over 7 years, I've done my time and I don't need to start at the bottom again. We parted way and he was very nice but this was a BIG example of a company putting out misleading job positions for hire on a job search website!

    Experienced beware! If you're not experienced, could be a good job, I don't know.

  11. I worked for a company in Southern California with a nearly identical business model. The red flags I encountered in the first week will sound familiar to anyone who worked at 212.

    My trainer is a manager in the company but does not have health insurance.His car was hit from behind by someone but he does not have time to get it fixed because he doesn’t get a day off.

    A hundred dollars profit in a twelve hour shift is considered good. That works out to a little over eight bucks an hour which is a tiny bit above federal minimum wage.
    I was told in my initial interview that the position was a base salary of $35,000, but the job is commission only. I was told that we would work 40-50 hours a week, but the absolute minimum I can work in a week is 56 hours. To achieve the sales goals set by the company, you actually have to work a ten hour Saturday shift which puts you at a minimum of 66 hours per week. I have never been given any information about the parent company or any history of the company by anyone. Girls who showed up for second interview were wearing high heels on days they were they would be walking for 12 hours. My first day of training, I shadowed for 12 hours and did not get paid. On my second day, I made 30 dollars. I never filled out any tax forms. We were selling coupons for Flame Broiler (local restaurant) and when were tried to use our coupons at a Flame Broiler, the person behind the counter would not accept them.

  12. I went to an interview at:
    741 E. Ball Rd, Ste. 203
    Anaheim, CA. 92805
    for Incito Inc. and noticed several red flags when I arrived.

    When I got there, I noticed the building was upstairs (doesn't comply with federal ADA standards since they didn't have an elevator), was too small to house all the employees profiled on their website, had empty office rooms (only 3 people were there: the receptionist, the interviewer, and another person), and was sloppily painted weird colors (a bright yellow door, green bathroom, blue wall, etc.).

    They said it was the "preliminary round" of the interview and invited me for an "all-day second round interview". They said they were looking to hire within the next 24-48 hours (what respectable company does that? they must be desperate)and want to place people in training to become account managers within the next 4-8 months.

    After I interviewed I received an email saying "It was nice to put a face to a name" but it was from someone I hadn't met! This all gave me an unsettling feeling, so I looked online and found this blog - so glad to get confirmation! I of course, turned down their 9am-6pm "second interview" offer. No doubt, everyone gets invited for round 2.

  13. By the way, I'm not entry-level, I'm not unemployed, and I agree 100% with Sandra's comment above made in response to Matt Mazer, the website designer for Incito Inc.

  14. Andrea, an posting has been created on this blog for Incinto, Inc. You can copy and paste your comment above for Southern California Marketing into the posting for Incito. Thank you for posting a comment about your interview experience.

  15. JUNE 2013 UPDATE:

    Unique Marketing Solutions AKA Unique Marketing Solutions Group
    701 E. Ball Rd. Suite 204 (New Suite number)
    Anaheim, CA 92805

    I applied on Craigslist on day and got an e-mail for an interview the next morning. I was scheduled to meet the Sales Director the day after, but he did not show up and was placed with someone else who was filling in. The interviewer kept going on about the company and only asked me 2 questions. I thought I was doing bad in the interview already, because I was a bit nervous. I did not ask the right questions to be clear it was a scam, but I am glad I found this post. The person filling in did not have a business card, but gave me the Sales Director's card, which had Echo Daily on it.

    Echo Daily
    Ricardo Bustos
    Sales Director
    Anaheim, CA
    Ph:(323)522-8006 <-- (Not very professional for Sales Director)

  16. is southland marketing group distributor for fragrances a scam as well

  17. Southland Marketing Group, Inc is an independent Scentura Fragrance distributor and it is not related to Southern California Marketing which is an independent Smart Circle affiliate.

    No record found with the California Secretary of State for Soutland Marketing Group, Inc.

    Southland Marketing Group, Inc.
    1045 N. Armando St. Suite G
    Anaheim, Ca 92806
    714.630.2089 phone

    Created on: 25-May-11

  18. Okay, so here is the scoop. Southern California Group changed their name to Incito,Inc due to the fact that they had too many bad reviews about their multi-level scheming. They stayed in the same building thus creating the foundation for more bad reviews to follow. As a result, the same company once again changed their name to NEXUS,Inc. and also moved to a different location. The address is as follows:

    38 E. Katella Ave. Suite 211
    Orange, CA 92867

    Now keep in mind, they are still the same company that scam young individuals into believing that they will become part of an illustrious sports advertising agency with the goal of owning their own company in the future. DO NOT NOT BE FOOLED!!!! They mainly target those who are recent graduates. So be forewarned that this is simply an elaborate ruse.

    If you do however get fooled into this scam, you will not only be working 50+ hours/week you will be paid on commission based on your sales. It is not at all a sports advertising agency, just a sales force.

    In addition, NEXUS,INC. shares a suite with another branch called DEMURE ENTERPRISES,INC. the address is as follows:

    438 E. Katella Ave. Suite 210
    Orange, CA 92867

    This company has the same multi-level scheming but a little different. DEMURE does product demonstrations at COSTCO and SAMS CLUBS throughout Orange County. Do not be fooled by this company either. All in all bad pay, long hours, bad leadership, and above all SCAMMERS!!!!!

    P.S. The owners of NEXUS, INC. and DEMURE ENTERPRISES,INC. have been dating each other so what does that tell you? They are only interested in furthering themselves.