Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Marketing Professionals Inc (New Brunswick, NJ)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits?

People who interview with Cydcor affiliates are told they have the opportunity to be trained for marketing, management, sales, public relations, advertising, human resources so they can open their own office.What the job seekers are not told is that they are trained to open new independently owned corporate licensee offices thus repeating the recruiting cycle.

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

The Marketing Professionals
120 Albany St, Suite 100
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 246-2895

Created on: 26-Oct-2010

The Marketing Professionals, Inc. is a privately owned and operated sales and marketing company. Our philosophy of 100% internal and merit-based promotions guarantees that we are able to offer prosperous career opportunities.


  1. Any information about XL Sports? The Phoenix Solution? Fenix Core Solutions?

  2. All three companies, XL Sports, The Phoenix Solution, and Fenix Core Solutions were found to be located in New Jersey. You can now look up the researched information by entering the company name in "Search This Blog".

    In the future, please provide the city/state and any other information as this would make the research easier as there are many deceptive companies using the same or similar names as legitimate honest companies.

  3. I worked for this branch under a different name. They are all under the same roof in the same office.

    Jade Development
    Eagle Eye Expections
    The Marketing Professionals

    I have a good gushy tale about working for these people. If you care to know it?

    1. can you tell me about the marketing professionals?

  4. I would like to hear it. I have an interview with Fenix Core tomorrow and would like to get as much insight as possible.

  5. Please explain to me what is wrong with a company offering you a job right out of college to make money when everyone else is asking for 5 - 15 years experience?? It's a sales job with opportunities to grow into a manager. Every sales job is based on performance. If you can't perform you don't get the results. Also, most of the people who come on here to complain are lazy individuals with no work ethic who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. I worked their as an intern and continued for about a year and received a kick ass resume in return. I now work for chase and own my own internet business. I saw people come and go and it was usually for the same reasons; Lazy, complainers, snobs, low work ethic. Furthermore I CHALLENGE YOU GUYS to tell me what's wrong about Marketing Professionals.

  6. To the person above asking what's wrong with Marketing Professionals...
    1. The company is called Marketing Professionals...not Sales Professionals
    2.Their website is more focused on giving information to job seekers than marketing to actual companies on their solutions...I still have no idea what they really do
    3. Their job cycle is that you come in and work towards becoming a manager...but in what department? And what company says that you'll be a manager in 8 months? Based on being there long enough- there's no merit in that.
    4. They tell your their biggest client is Verizon. I thought they did marketing for Verizon, but when the HR person can't give you any specifics on what they actual do for Verizon, its a red light.
    5. As a job seeker with more than 8 years experience, when they email me to solicit a job, and to schedule an interview. I need to do more digging because they are vague and obvious saying, it will be covered in the interview. I need to call back and double-check if this is for a manager position, No, its for entry-level. What kind of company solicits a person with 8 years experience, with managerial experience, for an entry-level role? The ones that are scams...