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Worldwide Vision, Inc (Raleigh, NC)

Worldwide Vision (3200 Atlantic Ave. Suite 116, Raleigh, NC 27604, 919-896-7622) is an affiliate of Smart Circle International. This Smart Circle affiliate sets up tables within retail stores such as Best Buy, Sam's Club, and Walmart to sign up customers for DirecTV satellite subscriptions. The job scam is that many Smart Circle affiliates use deceptive ads using terms such as "entry level", "management training", and "sales and marketing" to recruit sales people. Each Smart Circle affiliate is independently owned thus depending on the owner's management, the company may exists for six months to two years depending on whether they can maintain a sales force to sell the DirecTV services.

Research the employment advertiser before committing time and money (transportation costs) to an interview. Beware of employment advertisements which appear "too good to be true".

3200 Atlantic Ave. Suite 116
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 896-7622

Creation Date: 19-Oct-2010

The ad below states Worldwide Vision has opened 25 new branches nationwide. Really?
This company has opened 25 new offices since October 2010? I highly doubt this company has 25 branch offices. If this company had 25 offices, you would think they would spend the money for a better professional looking website which does not use stock photographs.

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INTERVIEWING NOW- Retail Marketing & Customer Service! (Raleigh, NC)

Date: 2012-04-04, 4:00PM EDT
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ENTRY LEVEL *In-Store* Sales / Promotions / Entry Level Management!!!

Worldwide Vision is expanding at a tremendous rate! We have brought on a number of new clients and recently have opened a over 25 new branches nationwide!!!!!!!
We are now looking to fill entry level marketing advertising sales and entry level management positions as soon as possible.

We are currently focusing on expanding multiple departments of our firm. Most notably our Retail Division. We are a privately owned marketing firm
and are expanding to keep up with the demand of our clients. We represent companies which include DIRECTV the top Satellite Providers in home
entertainment & VIZIO one of the leaders in HDTVs. Worldwide Vision does marketing in some of the largest retailers in the country!


Interested in APPLYING for an Entry Level Position with US?

-OR- Call Lee to discuss setting up an interview. (919) 896-7622 x 301


  1. Thank you for creating this blog.

    I'm a recent college grad and I'm new to Raleigh, so I didn't think twice about agreeing to an interview before doing some research. Your blog was one of MANY websites that warned against Worldwide Vision and companies that are very similar.

    Just a warning to other job seekers: if the company won't tell you the job you'll have, where you'll be working, work hours, or give you any real details about wage...It's NOT a legitimate job. If you want sales, go for an established store (like Target, or Best Buy, or even a locally-owned store) -- don't let someone sucker you into a job that you only agreed to out of ignorance. I don't know about y'all, but if the information from the potential job is more focused on driving directions than actual job details, my "spider sense" tends to prickle.

    Again, thank you, bloggers. I saw this (and other) post the day before my interview when I was looking for more information, and the amount of info painting this company as a scam was significantly more than the positive. Instead of going to that interview, I went to a shopping center and applied to any store/restaurant with a "hiring" sign. Even a couple of part-time retail gigs are better than being conned (at least until I hear from one of the office-type jobs that my college degree should help me qualify for).

  2. 3 Months later and they're still doing it...
    Thanks to this blog and the comments above I just saved an hour out of my day today and who knows how many countless hours dealing with anymore of this crap. I got a call back from an overly-nice woman today who set me up for "an interview" this afternoon from this World Wide Vision. When I get to the office suite, the room is stuffed floor to ceiling with ESPN magazines, and there is a giant flatscreen on the wall behind the overly-nice receptionist blaring Sportscenter. I am one of 6 applicants all sitting filling out roughly done applications more like a dentists office than a Management Employer.
    At one point a door opens and the Manager on duty calls someone back, he looks about 25 and is wearing a cheap suit. I get out my phone to check some phone numbers and my girlfriend has sent me this webpage. Not really that surprised that the place is a fake. When the overly-nice lady walks away I get up and lay my 1/2 way done application down on her desk then walk out.
    There is TOO MUCH of this mess going on out there...what has this country come to? And to think I almost shaved my beard for them! :)

  3. Thanks guys, I think u just saved me lol

  4. Soo glad I found this blog!! I just got an email asking me to interview with them, but wanted to do some more research first before accepting since something seemed somewhat off. I'm very glad I did so now I can save my time & energy for an actual company!

  5. Thank you guys so much for this blog, as I just found this website. The thing is I found it after the fact and I am now confused. I just completed a 2nd round interview and I am confused of where this information is coming from as either I interviewed with a completely different company or ? They never mentioned anything about coupons or door to door sales. I also saw nothing about Keltic or whatever you guys were referring too. It was just Worldwide Vision. I was told specifically that they do new client aquistions and in store promotions for Directv, through retailers like Wal Mart, Sams Club, and Best Buy while also working with Home Depot. In the first round interview that was exactly what they went over once again with me and addressed any questions I had while speaking of the management position they were looking to fill. I am glad I did not read this prior to the following day because I definitely would have not gone in for a 2nd round interview after what you all have said. I instead went back in after invited in for a 2nd round. This is where my confusion lies, in the fact we went into an actual Best Buy and shook hands with the General Manager of the store and numeorus employees of the Best Buy said hello to the representative conducting the second round interview. We were more than welcomed and that is why I am so confused as there is no way Directv and Best Buy would allow this if something was not legitimit. The thing that was intriguing is there were not looking for just marketing/sales reps but more so representatives to fill the future management positions. After reading this blog I am confused if given the offer I should take it but with everything seen up to now nothing above is accurate what so ever. Am I missing something?

  6. I was just about to go get interviewed tomorrow. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was about to miss class for this!

  7. this is commission in store sales of direct TV via a booth in a store. This is a cold direct commission selling of direct TV,that is what it is...

  8. the add on craigslist is deceptive and untrue, you get most of the truth after the interview,but even then there are a lot of lies and deception to try to get you to work harder and longer. I worked for a smart circle one of these for a month and it was total BS.

  9. $7.25 an hour and go in at 10.30 to the officc and carpool to a store and ask everybody within sight who do they have their televison service with...cable or satellite? If you are lucky you'll get one or two people to stop by and you might get one application filled out. You do not get your commission until it is installed..Variables exist that they may not be able to get installed. So if 7.25 an hour exciites you and getting home every night at around
    830-900 and only have Wed. off then by all means GO FOR IT.

  10. Hey guys, I've been working with Intense Vision Marketing for well over a week now. Something is telling me to stay despite everything I've found on this page. I do Direct TV Sales in Sams Club in particular. My firm does 100 bucks per sale. Tell me thats not legitimate. Yes, it's hard. No, you don't have to pressure every single person you see. The stuff does really sell itself. Each store has a different vibe to it. Ask me questions and I'll try to resolve it.

    1. Yes, it is a pyramid chain, and they are expanding because like I said, the stuff sells itself. We give out special promotions ONLY in sams/bestbuys/walmarts We actually get direct tv customers more than direct tv does. (Not Intense vision, but the big marketing firm as a whole) And hell in the past week I've learned a shit load about sales all together. Basically if you're a person who gets offended easily, this isn't for you. This is no different than the jackasses at sprint that are at kiosks in the mall trying to push high pressure sales. Me personally? I'm not like that, (and most of the guys in orlando aren't like that either) I try to stay reserved and actually help people out when they're looking to buy a TV.

  11. For all the people thinking about interviewing with World Wide Vision you are going to hear a lot of different things from differing perspectives. My two cents would be to not believe everything you read on the internet and to make the decision on your own whether or not to interview, instead of basing your decision on angry peoples (or for that matter my) posts. Check it out; if the responsibility of running your own office is too great, or you are afraid to talk to customers at the entry level, or you are not able to work more than 40 hours a week then maybe it’s not for you, and don’t take the job. I am saddened by the fact that a lot of people will read the above posts and miss out on a great opportunity. I’m not here to say that you won’t have to work hard or that sitting back and collecting your hourly rate is going to make you rich. This is America ladies and gentlemen and if you want something for nothing you’re probably not going to get a whole lot out of life. You get paid hourly vs. a commission, (take whichever is higher) personally I have been making my commission since my 3rd week in the business. If you go out there and just interact with customers that are in retail stores then you can be consistently signing people up and consistently making good money. The gentleman that trained me pulled in about 1500 a week, until he was promoted to assistant manager. Now he is making about double per application, and although not spending as much time in the stores is making much more than that now. To be honest he is a natural at the business, and I am not saying you will necessarily get to that level. For me direct sales is something I was completely new to so it took a little while for me to get good at. I’m still not coming in as high as he or others are but I have earned paychecks approaching a 1000 a week. In my mind the sales aspect and the money per application is not what makes me get up in the morning excited to go to work, it’s not selling Direct TV that drives me, like I said before it’s the opportunity. If you can consistently sign up customers that don’t like their current cable provider, then teach a few other people how to do what you did then you get promoted to management and you run an office. That’s when the hard work pays off; you set your own schedule, pay, get the opportunity to get out of the “field”, and have the knowledge that your success is now on your own shoulders instead of having a CEO axe you so that the shareholders stock will go up a few points. If you can stay at your current job and in 6 months to a year climb the ladder, be a manager, and have the potential for a six figure income then by all means stay where you are! It is an unorthodox company but I can say the people are all great and the prospects of getting to management are not a mere pipedream. After 2 months in the bizz I was flown out all expenses paid to the Dallas Hilton where I networked with other top sales guys (and gals too) and managers from across the nation. The rapid promotion is what initially scared me and I thought it sounded a little pyramid-ish myself, but now that I have seen multiple managers promoted firsthand that is what drives me. If you are willing to invest time upfront for a big pay off not too far down the road then like I said just check it out. For the record I read this same website before taking the job and almost didn’t go in for the 2nd round interview, so glad I did though, it is honestly the best job I have had. Please email me at if you would like more info about the position, if you’re just a hater that got denied the job don’t waste my time and please stop writing things on the internet that are going to adversely affect other peoples’ lives, the economy is really tough right now and everyone deserves a fair shot at making an honest living.

  12. I got hired last week and am looking forward to having a life change!! :)

  13. Just got a voicemail from them to set up an interview ~ got really suspicious with the fast-talking friendly voice who said I applied directly through them from Monster. Not understanding the name of the company and googling the phone number, I got to this forum. Thanks to all who verified what I thought ~ had never applied to this company before and certainly won't start with wasting any more time. BEWARE!!!

    1. you actually had to apply. they do not purchase or search for resume. more than likely you did the "quick apply" option to other job after you filled out an application, and didnt bother to look at the position or the company offering the job. thats your fault.

  14. This company is NOT a scam. This company as described above is working in a retail environment such as Best Buy, Sams Club, and Walmart selling DirecTV where you pretty much TRY to sell to anyone within sight. I will say to people who absolutely need a job to give this company a try just to start out, get your feet wet and obtain important skills. If you are successful with this job then keep it and if not, find something new. This job was personally not for me since I did not really find myself dedicated enough to work the long hours and make a distance drive everyday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You will start out with minimum wage/ commission (whichever is higher). You will have to work 10am till 8pm. You will have only Wednesday off. You will have to attend unpaid weekly meetings on top of that if you want to get ahead. You will have use your own vehicle or pitch money in to carpool to a store that can be at the most 120 miles away (ALOT OF GAS MONEY, WEAR & TEAR AND NO COMPENSATION). You will have to have excellent communication skills. You will have to work hard and maintain your attitude. You will be placed in slow or poor performing stores. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If you are still reading.... This company offers everyone a fair chance to move up and it is true that you can be successful within this company. However, it is NOT for everyone. If you believe you can work with what I stated above then go ahead and give this job a shot. It is not bad and the people that work there are fantastic to work with. Just be aware of all that I said because this is stuff you will not hear upfront at the possible interview. Is this a company I would work for again? Yes, but it is not within my interest. If you got denied a job interview or the job, do not take it to heart because they look for people who are self-driven and motivated enough to stay so they can move up.

  15. It's a scam. they advertise for multiple positions, but the "customer service" and "managment" jobs are really just carrots they offer people to get them involved in what is essentially door to door cold-call marketing...just in a store instead of from home to home. If you like that sort of work, more power to you. (Though gawd knows I ignore those people on general principles) Judging from the nmber of interviews they were scheduling just while i was sitting in thier offices waiting for the interview for a customer service position that proved to be nonexistant(after being strung around into making two additional trips out there) they go through entry-level people like Kleenex. Guess the job "just wasn't for them" either.

  16. I am no longer with the Company because it was not "my cup of tea." It is definitely NOT a SCAM and you will be working with GREAT MANAGEMENT if you do decide this is what you want to do. It is NOT door to door or cold-call marketing and it is a Legitimate way to make income in this troubled economy! If you are willing to work hard, you can DEFINITELY be very successful financially!!

  17. I just found this website. I have already interviewed with Worldwide Vision and am completely confused as they offered me a starting salary of 32,000 and commissions. After reading the opinions on this page I am shocked that so many people have such negative things to say. The interview process through to my being hired went nothing like others on here said. It was a wonderful experience and I am excited to work for this company. I will update this for those of you who want accurate information as I go through the training process. - Emily-

    1. Are you still with the company? I am new to the Raleigh area and just want to know accurate information concerning this company before I waste my time. Thank you!

    2. I have been paid what I was told and have truly enjoyed working with the company. It amazes me what some people have written on here as most of it is a complete lie. The company does not pay minimum wage to anyone here. They do work with Directv but also have many other clients they work with, so it surprises me that anyone would think this company as a scam just based alone on the clients they work with. These are huge brand name clients that would definitely do their research before picking a firm to represent them.

    3. Emily, I go for my second interview soon. Are you still with the company and can you tell me starting off... are you still only getting the 615 avg a week or did you actually start off doing better?

  18. Geesh...

    I'm so glad I read all this... It makes sense. What employer would say that their emails always go to SPAM? Not an employer that I'm willing to work for, because it shows that they are THIRSTY and they probably have something to hide. I actually don't have them time to waste on B.S. interviews... Just be upfront, and let me know what I am getting into prior to me coming in for an interview.

    Just compare the conversations that you have with other employers with this one.

    1. Do that give you the company's name over the phone or in the Ad.
    2. Do they give you a detailed overview of your exact job description prior to you coming in for an interview?
    3. Do the research before you go.

    I did my research... So glad that I will not waste my time/energy/and gas on going to something that I wasn't even interested in doing in the first place.


  19. I worked there for two weeks and was immediately ready to quit. It's not at all worth it. I kept saying to myself "something isn't right about this."

  20. The company I interviewed for sounds almost identical to the one everyone is sharing their opinions about. 8.00 hr plus commission, direct tv in Sams club, fast talking manager. I'm still on the fence about this but I believe I'll just try to give it a try.

  21. R&R Concepts is the name of the company in case anyone was applying their too.

  22. Aww man so is Worldwide Visions a scam or not, I feel like tug of war is being played with this job right now.

  23. This is not a scam. Everyone shut up

  24. I recently had a 2nd round interview here and it sounds legitimate. We went to a Sam's Club and the account manager knew all the employees and management. There's a set amount you make a week if you don't make much commission. 11:30-7:30 everyday, but Wednesday. Seems fine to me.Good pay, no more than 48 hours a week.

  25. Okay Folks... What's the current consensus on this place? Do we like them, or no? Do we trust them?
    Genuinely asking. I myself have my 1st interview with them tomorrow morning.
    What's the word?

    1. Heyhey, read my comment below, maybe it will help a little.

  26. Okay!
    So I just stumbled across this cause I was updating my resume and I had to google WWV and Keltic.

    First, I wouldn't say they are exactly a scam. The job with WWV is pretty straight forward. You can either go to Home Depot and sign people up for services ( When I was there, I was doing Cabinet Refacing) or you can be on the Direct TV side.
    I actually liked the Home Depot part, And it was pretty simple.
    As far as pay went, you got a base pay of $7.50 and then commission. If the commission out weighed the base pay, then you got that.
    The only downfall which I thought was a little bullshitty, was the part where you could, and usually would work more than 40 hours a week BUT didn't get paid for the extra. hmm. Not cool.

    As far as managers, JC acts kinda like a dick, but deep down he's a cool dude. Other guys, I don't really remember,.

    As far as keltic. That shit was hard. And they ended up going under.

    These jobs have a HIGH turn over rate, because they are hard, and you have to kinda hound on people.

    For every ten nos, you will get a yes.

    So like I said, I wouldn't say a scam per-say, or a pyramid scheme, just a hard job, which little out come if you don't actually pull your weight.

    Great environment to work in though, people are fun as shit. And those wheely chairs are soooo comfortable. :)

  27. I'm so glad I saw this. I agree with some post above. Something just didn't seem right. I was sending out resumes at 9pm last night and woke up at 8am to an interview requested email. Glad I didn't not waste my time. And the website just seems so repetitive and they just want to focus on the job sounding good and getting you in there on every page. Also a red flag. Should have looked at the before I sent the resume. Definitely all sounds too good to be true. I'll watch out from now on.

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