Monday, June 6, 2011

Sound Marketing Group, Inc (Tukwila, WA)

Sound Marketing Group, Inc (631 Strander Blvd Suite D, Tukwila, WA, 206-708-6431) is an independent Smart Circle affiliate in the Seattle area. Are you okay with working for commission pay selling discount coupons? Ask lots of questions before you agree to go on the all-day second "interview."

Sound Marketing Group is in the same office location and uses the same telephone number as another Smart Circle affiliate, Emerald City Marketing Inc. The company website for Emerald City Marketing no longer exists. There is no business listing for Emerald City Marketing Inc with the Washington State Secretary of State (active or inactive); however, Emerald's facebook website has a Wall posting on Oct 19, 2010 and Emerald's blog has a posting on Sep 17, 2010. is available for purchase.

Judge for yourself. Sound Marketing Group is in the same office and it uses the same telephone number of a recently closed company that cannot be found with the Washington Secretary of State. The president of Sound Marketing Inc, Emily Rust, was an account director with Emerald City Marketing Inc. On Emily Rust's LinkedIn page, she calls her company Sound Marketing Inc instead of Sound Marketing Group Inc. How can you not know the correct name of your own business?

Beware of deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state "face-to-face" sales and no experience required. If you decide to interview with a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits?

Premier is the correct word for first ranking. Premiere is the first performance as in a movie or play.
We are one of the premiere promotional marketing and advertising firms in the Seattle area. We are the ONLY company that can boast a portfolio of professional sports teams, golf properties, restaurants, high-end hotel brands, first run movie theaters, spas, family fun centers and more.

Notice the Contacts page does not state the office is located in Suite D.
Sound Marketing Group, Inc.
631 Strander Blvd
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 708-6431, Sound Marketing Group

created: 03-Feb-2011
WA Filing Date 11/08/2010
Expiration Date 11/30/2011
Registered Agent Information
Emilly Rust
631 Strander Blvd Ste D
Tukwila, WA 98188
Emily J. Rust
President of Sound Marketing, Inc.
Greater Seattle, Marketing and Advertising
**, Emerald City Marketing
Last posting on their Wall - Oct 19, 2010
Emily Rust was an account director with Emerald City Marketing
631 Strander Blvd, Suite D
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 708-6431 is available!
blog's last posting - Sep 17, 2010
Emerald City Marketing, Inc
(206) 708-6431
No listing found for "Emerald City Marketing, Inc"


  1. So yesterday i had a job interview (that was a 40 min drive, Tukwila WA) and was invited back for the "second round" but that consisted of meeting up at the office then the people working there would go out in their cars and drive you to Federal Way, WA. Keep in mind that i with the person I am shadowing, so i do not have my car. They groups was basically door-to-door sells people walking around to office buildings that has "NO SOLICITING" posted. They were trying to sell movie coupons for a "2 dollar movie theater", in which you would of had to pay $20.99 for. After about an hour and a half of this, walking around in the heat, he tells me that "I need to keep up, otherwise he'll have to find me Starbucks a to stay at". I say that this job just isn't for me. So i go into an office building complex and wait an hour and a half for my dad to drive all the way from Kirkland to come and pick me up, and drive back to Tukwila to pick-up the car. LAME. what kind of job interview is that? Complete waste of time. Luckily my dad could come and get me, there were 7 other people doing "job interview" as well.

    On Career builder their job entry's go on for about a month of interviewing. I think that this company is just taking advantage of people and trying to get some free labor out of people who just graduated from college.

  2. none of this seem like enough to call this company
    scandalous,maybe unethical(for the no solicitors sign bypass) but regardless of what you think you need more than misplaced file work to accuse them, its only fair.

  3. Technically you don't do any work for them during your "interview"; you simply follow somebody around for a day, whereupon they decide to give you work or not pending on the opinion of the person you followed. I do agree that calling it an interview is misleading though. It's more of an orientation than an interview.

    They do misrepresent themselves in their job ads. I answered one three months ago where they advertised the job as something for food service workers to get into management and where you actually get time off on weekends. Then I get there and find out they want you to work 11 hour days 6 days a week, only having Sundays off. Yeah, so much for weekends...

  4. I got an interview, do you recommend I go to it; at least for the first one?

  5. I had bad experiences with Emerald City Marketing, and now it seems that they are doing the same basic thing all over again. Don't go to the interview, even a job at McDonalds would be better...

  6. Sound marketing just called me for an interview thank God there are people who aren't afraid to expose these frauds to the public.
    Thank you for saving me the time I am a single mother of 3 who would have been highly upset to waste my time especially with the economy the way it is.

  7. Thank you for this information. I had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Thanks again very much.

  8. Unhappy, I had the same experience and it was equally as terrible. The guy I went out soliciting with was pretending to be this kick butt sales guy but when I left after an hour he took my number down so if I got another job I could potentially hire him. So the guy "hiring" me was in turn looking for me to hire him in the future, UNBELIEVABLE! I wrote Melissa (the whorish looking "owner" at the front desk who subjected me to this embarrassment) and nice e-mail and this was it:
    "Melissa, due to the lack of information you provided in the initial interview I was subjected to soliciting discount cards door to door to car salesman. I think if you told people that this was the case initially, you wouldn't have follow ups and wouldn't be wasting more peoples time. I am not happy with how you do business and find your cheap "interview" tactics unprofessional and cruel. Aside from prying money out of low income Washington working men and women, you make a case for being the most falsely advertised company around."

    Why anyone would do this kind of sales is mind blowing, aside from it being an awful product, they want you to sell to car salesmen, the worst group of people to sell to. Yeah, sell a shady product to a shady car salesmen who is a pro at selling shady products.

    If this comment seems a bit angry and hateful its because it is. If it prevents just one person from having the experience that I did its well worth it.

    SOUND is a SCAM, do not go to either interview!!!!

  9. Melissa is first of all not a whore. I cant believe someone has the audacity to use those terms when talking about someone u dont know. If the job isnt for u then dont work there. The business isnt scamming anyone.

  10. I agree that Melissa isn't a whore and don't believe it to be fair to her to describe her as such; I found her to be rather nice and I wouldn't pin any blame on her. However, she does represent a rather shady organization which is more than happy to misrepresent itself, and Disappointed Interviewee's E-mail to her and description of what this organization does is more than fair.

    Scam or not, this organization is more than happy to trick you to do what it wants. Before walking in for an interview, I suggest reading what this site has to say for it lays out what Sound Marketing and the entire company it's loosely a part of is all about:

  11. I sent my resume in on Friday and got an email and a phone call Monday (today; August 22) to come in and interview. I talked with Melissa Mitchell and she was very nice on the phone. She asked me about my weekend and all that small talk.

    Something weird that I noticed was that I also received a second email at the exact same time from a company called Pure Talk Marketing, Inc. This company was located in the exact same building, in the exact same suite in Tukwila which I thought was weird.

    So after the interview was scheduled, and I noticed the two emails, I hopped on the Google to see what the interwebs had to say about Sound Marketing and I'm glad I did. Sounds like another lame sales job that doesn't have a base pay. I could imagine door to door sales and maybe some cold calling which I'm not a fan of. So I'm glad for the input on this site since this is the only site that says anything about it.

    Thanks for everybody's input!!


  12. Loyalty...Its a word foreign to Sound Marketing but its what I've shown this company for the past couple months of my life and what a mistake and waste of time that was. I went into Sound Marketing with the best intentions, there everyday, producing in impossible situations and the exact word's to me were " this m------f'er is on fire. The funny thing is that was last week and just because of a missed Saturday, one missed Saturday of work, (yes folks, we work 6 days a week) she had her nerve to use her wide vocabulary of four letter words and try to downgrade me in front of the 4 people that are left at Sound Marketing.She is frantic about losing her buisness and cant seem to figure out just what to do. Shame on me for thinking I could make a difference. I didn't take a job to be yelled at in a degrading way, so I left. Well ladies and gentleman I am talking about the pre-pubecent so called "owner" Emily J. Rust. I don't know who puts a tantrum throwing 23 year old in charge of a so called multi-million dollar business. I should've abandoned ship and got a clue when there were 30 people working when I was first hired here and now only about 4 are left. She sells you on this dream of being an independent contractor with a fast track management plan in place but its more like Survivor Island and not in a good way. Those who can kiss ass best or "get in that ass" as her boyfriend Ryan Severns puts it, can survive. If I remember right wasn't he fired last week and was brought back this week? I guess sleeping with the boss does work. Just so you know i over heard that conversation with Matt Kelley (the V.P.) and he made Emily bring Ryan back. He probably saw it for what it was just another lil girl tantrum. She wonders why she doesn't get respect, well Emily start off by not sleeping with the help. Your boyfriend Ryan is doing the reverse sexist thing and sleeping his way to the top and you're not even bright enough to stop him from taking pictures of you, yeah Ryan, nice picture you're showing everyone of Emily in her birthday suit holding up her Pomeranian Theo as a fur, (that answers alot of questions about the dogs behavior), anyone have the number to PETA? Emily I am going to give you a little advice so If I can pull you away from your nervous tick of re-applying your foundation long enough to pay attention. If you learned how to not hide behind your useless degree and how to get to work on time, stop straight ironing your hair long enough to say hi to your employees, learn how not to structure your business around your menstrual cycle and to stop passing off your interviews to your peon Melissa so you can take a "nap", to stay off a smoke gossip session long enough to learn a little loyalty, vocabulary and tact you may have a business there.

  13. I also want to point out the theft that has happened in that place. She has had credit card numbers and names stolen, yes her own employees stole over $8k worth of Mariners from her and two other employees Nicole and Amber stole money off of the credit card receipts given to them by trusting folks such as yourself. Lets not even get into the mis representation of the clients, we don't have enough time and it is truly outrageous! I could go on and on and seem like a disgruntled ex employee but its all the truth. Learn how to treat people Emily. Melissa, your young and impressionable, don't do what she does. I believe you are truly a good person, don't get to be 23 like Emily and act and look like a poisoned 43 yr old. Oh and one more thing, stop going out and groveling for good comments for your blog, namely at the bank you use which is Chase. Yes I know about the trade off, you get Sound Marketing to use Chase bank and they give you good comments. I know it kills you Emily that Marissa has made you. For those that dont know, Marissa is Emilys student that surpasses the teacher nightmare. Why don't you look to her for advice because while she triples her business you've resorted back to the field, and that you cant even do.Our production count is on a individual basis and you alone havent come close to what i do on a bad really think we fell for that car ride count youve been passing off as progress. You couldnt even respect a good idea unless it came from somewhere up top. Self manage...what a joke. We're technically not even independent contractors when we have to show up when you say so, only sell the products you approve and listen to you yell at us all day while you make excuses about your own business. Oh yea I promise to be done after this, learn how to dress the part of a business woman, you and Melissa act as if your going to tolo every other week, or maybe the short dresses that barely covers your cooka is part of getting the men to come back. Well if thats the case kudos to you both, I guess you do have a plan.

  14. I can second everything mentioned by "unknown". I made a move from my home state based on the grandiose "plan" the company had and how they said I would fit in perfectly. Little did I know, Sound Marketing managed by Emily J. Rust was and still is a failing business. I should have known it wouldn't last long when after being on the job for about 3 weeks, she went through one of here soon to be many "clean out" sessions. Basically, every time business was not making her money she would have a freak out session and start firing anyone she thought was (and i quote) "cancerous to the business" or "the broken window". In all actuality the people she was "blowing out" (firing) weren't the problem at all, it was here own lack of management skills that was and still is the problem. Unfortunately she went from about 35 people in her office when I started to the 6 people that were in there when I left. Funny thing is, people started leaving and being "blown out" right after Marissa left, which is further proof that Marissa was the real star and Emily was just sitting on her shoulders and trying to call herself tall :). That however was evident from the 3rd week of Marissa being in ownership when she was already out producing Emily while Emily was failing miserably. Honestly, one of the most shocking things I encountered was the lack of tack, vocabulary and even management skills shown by Emily. At the first leaders meeting I attended Emily proceeded to chew out her leaders and use every cuss word she could just because we weren't producing as much as she'd like us to. Then she expected us to put on smiles, take out interviews and have a fun wonder her business is failing. Then, on top of that when she had no opportunity to blame us she would blame her AMR, saying he can't do his job correctly because he is (and i quote again) "too busy getting drunk and high to do his job". But yet she still tries to brag to everyone that she is a TOP OFFICE....right. In my opinion a good director should lead by example and every so often go out into the field and support his/her troops, however, Emily says we should be embarrassed when she comes out because she earned the right to never go out in the field again and we're forcing her to show us how it's supposed to be done. Now after I had been in the business for a while and building a small crew that didn't need to be micromanaged, she got mad at me for switching the products of my crew. After asking her for advice with the issue she told me that she is tired of helping me out with this sh** and walked away to go brush her hair. Don't even get me started on the contradictions she would constantly try to push as the truth. First she says all her guys were perfect because she was the best teacher, then she says she had to go through mass clean outs because there were guys that were poisonous to the team. First she says she could produce all day every day and drop port (sell everything she had) yet then she said she would have days where she would go out and sell nothing because she was so stressed. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! Overall, it all adds up to the worst possible job you could ever have and the opportunity she preaches to everyone is nothing more than a prolonged lie to get you to peddle coupons for her so she can continue funding her make-up and cigarette addiction. I would call it a SCAM but SCAM's are actually successful, Emily is not. It's actually an insult to the word scam if we put Sound Marketing in that category.

  15. I worked there when they were called Orion Marketing. It’s funny how they change their name about once a year, so they can hide all the bad posts about them and their package deals. It is pretty much a pyramid scam, with the top boss getting a piece of every sale (which they just sit in their office all day and collect), and then the Team Lead gets a piece of their sale reps under them, and so on. The packages are 99.9% crap as well. A sales rep came into my office today with about 5 people on their first or second interviews, and tried to pitch the Mariner packages. I told my co workers not to buy them because of my past experience. I left Orion after about four months, when I was selling a Spa package that the bosses told me was for this great spa in Seattle. After about two days of selling and about 20 packages down. I started getting calls from some friends I sold to. “This Spa is closed down and is empty!! .......WTF” Then I realized how many people are going to get screwed since there were about 20 of us out there selling these bullshit packages all over the Seattle area. Trying to get a refund is just as ridiculous as the company itself. They will transfer you to about 5 companies, which all will say they are not the ones that give the refunds, until you give up or waste half of your day.
    I would like to take that cow bell they hit, at the end of the sales day is done, and throw it through the wall in their run down office. I am not trying to preach, only educate. Anyone that thinks this might be a good job, please take my advice and DON’T DO IT!!!

  16. So since my last post there's been indirect pleads for my blog to be taken down,huh! Let me start by saying what are you all so afraid of? I would be more concerned about the repercussions some of those legal issues that are being ignored, covered up and altogether swept neatly underneath that mat right below your own no-soliciting sign. What a joke. Even more if you don't know by now that you cant intimidate someone like me legal or otherwise just remind yourselves that i was upfront, decent and extended in all manner my best effort. The only reason we are in this situation is because i do not do the kiss ass or tuck my tail act so well like the four of you did in that room when i left and told that broad she was a joke and laughed at her. All of you stared at the floor when she did that retarded ass gaze and if im lying or wrong ive got a present for all of you to check out. You want to know what the real joke is. I went to a job interview at BMW of Seattle today and that is right next to Safeco field and low and behold when i mentioned sound marketing they told me that three girls came there last week soliciting Mariners. Isn't that territory supposed to be off limits and if Im correct Emily you and your car were the only ones in a all girl group. SLICK ONE EM. Better hope Mariners don't find that one out. As for the rest of you its simple don't do things in the dark that you'll be ashamed of when the lights come on. Leave well enough alone and practice some moral values, better yet don't gossip or make decisions in haste. rule without emotion and inspire. Don't ask others to do things you wouldn't do yourself and then just grow up and your well on your way to being a halfway decent leader/human being.

  17. Giving people false hope about a job opportunity in this economy, shameful. They messed with the wrong Veteran. Former U.S. Army Public Affairs and Media Relations specialist. I intend to use my contacts in the local media to expose these people for what and who they really are. If you have been affected by these people please contact me at

  18. Well im not from chase bank im melissas best friend. Why dont all of you on here get a life and leave people to make their own opions. I find all the trash talking especially about individual people very immature. Melissa is a well rounded mature young lady just doing what she is told in her job to make an honest living for herself. Also for all of u that think owning a business is a cakewalk why dont u try it and see how unperfect u are.

  19. I have never mentioned anyone by name other than Emily Rust. Melissa has always been a great person and I have nothing but good things to say about her. In fact I know for a fact that without her that business would've been under water a long time ago. I also disagree 100% with disgruntled interviewee's opinion about Melissa. In no way is she or has she ever acted like a whore...I met that guy the other day and I'm pretty sure he is just mad because she rejected his entitled attitude and his pride is hurt. No one is forcing anyone to read any of these posts....people can make their own opinion just by actually going in for their interviews. BUT, for those who would like some inside knowledge before wasting time, they are more than welcome to read what people who ACTUALLY WORKED THERE HAVE TO SAY. And as for owning my own business...I have...multiple times...successfully through hard work and dedication, not yelling screaming and then taking naps while others are left on there own. And the word I think you are looking for is IMPERFECT....not UNPERFECT but i'm not judging.

  20. Sound Marketing is a SCAM and the worst job EVER! Not only are their ads misleading, their business scheme is deceiving. I worked there for a few weeks and also experienced the horrible managing skills of the “owner” Emily Rust. Emily talks a lot of bullshit to make us slave away making her money while we barely get PAID! Working 6 days a week for 10 hours a day and barely surviving was a nightmare. Sound Marketing employees work for food and gas! We would have to drive all over WA selling coupons from business to business. Anyone that works there is just a slave and gets treated like one. She curses at you and humiliates you for not producing. A day at work would include you getting yelled at and brainwashed to believe you are going to get your office, become an owner and move up in a couple of months. She claims she is at the TOP for a reason and makes $200,000 a year. While she may sound convincing who makes that much and drives a busted car, wears raggedy clothes and shoes, and cheap make-up. I am upset that I had to waste my time at this job and embarrassed to even say I worked there. I was out working hard trying to make sales for her, while she piles on her foundation (the wrong shade) and yells at me! Many of these Pyramid scheme marketing companies are illegal and do NOT last very long, that’s why this company has to change its name every so often. That’s probably why you don’t get asked your SS#, fill out tax papers, or have to go through a background check during the hiring process. Sound Marketing is a joke! My co-worker Ryan showed me provocative pictures of her on his phone and he’s getting an office I guess the only way to come out on top at Sound Marketing is by being on top of Emily. I find that her management style is sloppy to say the least. Serious business owners don’t date their employees Emily. I don’t know what’s more revolting Emily, your business scheme or your eyebrows not matching your hair.
    Do not EVER give Sound Marketing your information. They have had many reports of customers having their credit card info stolen! Sound Marketing is unprofessional and unethical and I will do whatever it takes to let others know about this inferior organization.

  21. Thank you for this blog!!! You've all saved me from wasting my time. Melissa certainly sounds pleasant, her voice was so warm and inviting, I was excited. After doing some research, I found this blog and am SO GRATEFUL.

    Vetran: I hope you are successful in your efforts with your contacts to expose such a terrible business practice.

    Arti: Your points you make would be so much better if you knew how to spell and speak. Sorry buddy but if you are Melissa's best friend, you should tell her to get out of that place.

    Thank you everyone for helping me make an informed decision of NOT going to my scheduled interview.

  22. Just so no one wastes any time, I'll break down exactly how the interview process goes. The first interview will be 5 minutes and consist of you sitting down in front of Emily while she asks a couple questions like: "Are you looking for full time? Any experience with marketing and sales? What qualities would you bring? What are you looking for in a job? When can you start?" In all actuality it's basically an ego boost because she later brags how everyone coming in is looking for 40k a year and she makes triple that supposedly. The questions are just to see if you are someone who she can manipulate into slaving for her. After the few questions she will say "this interview was just to put a face with the name and we will review your answers and possibly get back to you tonight. She will have her admins call and say that she was really impressed and wants to have you come in tomorrow or within the next few days to complete a second interview. The admins have been told by Emily to tell people to "wear comfy shoes because they will be in and out of the office all day going to business meetings". This is not at all what you will be doing. In reality you will be spending the whole day from 9:30am-6pm walking up and down the streets with their so called "TOP account manager" as they say to everyone, while they sell coupons from business to business. The account managers will act all tough and smart and tell you that "IF YOU QUALIFY, I will break down the management training program". Really they are just hoping to god that you actually say yes to the job because the more people they sign on, the quicker they don't have to go door to door anymore. At lunch time they will eat really fast and then break down the management training program (a.k.a. the pyramid scam)to you. This is what it will look like:
    no seniority, no politics, 100% promo within

    Training: 3-5 days

    Distributor phase: 2-4 weeks $400-$600/week commission

    Account Manager Phase: 4-6 months $600-$900/week commission plus bonuses and overrides

    Assistant Director: 1-2 months $900-$1500/week salary(which is a lie) plus bonuses and overrides

    Director: $80,000-$200,000/year (and they will brag about how Emily is 23 years old and is making $150,000 a year and she's only been a director for maybe 6 months)

    After lunch you will go back out and try to sell more stuff until around 5:30 or 6. BUT DON'T COMPLAIN because if you do, the person you are shadowing will threaten to leave you at a Starbucks while they finish their day or ask if you can call someone to come pick you up because they don't want to waste time dropping you back off at the office. If you do decide to complete the day with them, once you get back to the office they will say they they thought you would be a good fit and ask you to come in for a 3rd interview. That would consist of sitting down again with Emily for about 3 minutes while she tries to pretend she is debating whether to hire you or not. She will then give you the job and send you on your way. The person that went out with you will then give you their number and tell you to go home and get some rest and they are proud of you because "you must have done something in there to get Emily's attention". Later that evening you will get a phone call from your account manager lying to you and saying they "just got out of a breakfast meeting with Emily tomorrow morning and would like to meet up to buy you coffee before going into the office". They are just trying to bribe you into coming back tomorrow and EMILY DOESN'T DO BREAKFAST MEETINGS ANYWAY, SHE CAN'T EVEN SHOW UP ON TIME TO THE OFFICE, SHE DIDN'T GET THERE ON TIME ONCE THE WHOLE TIME I WORKED THERE!!!!

  23. Now I'll explain in better detail why the business explained in the "management training program" is such a scam. In training you get paid $25/day for being there from 7:30am-7pm. Training consists of walking around allllll day from business to business selling coupons and if you don't sell any they are obligated to give you $25. As a distributor you have to do the same thing day after day and instead of training people properly and spending quality time with them, Emily just brags about how she was the best in the field and to have blind faith in her that she will help (she wont ever get around to helping you). To become an account manager you have to "ring bell" 3 times in a row. That means you have to sell enough coupons to make $100/day profit for yourself selling coupons and you only get $2-$5 dollars off every sale and this position is COMMISSION ONLY. Don't get too worried though. If the office is struggling like it has been for the past couple months then Emily might just move you up to account manager because of desperation. Then the fun begins (yeah right). Account management consists of having to be at work from 7am-8pm unless she tells you at the end of the day that you have to stay for a leaders meeting which consists of about 1-2 more hours of her yelling and screaming and cussing at everyone at the top of her lungs and bragging again about how she was the best and you better shape up. You don't actually make more money in this position either as its still strictly COMMISSION ONLY and Emily doesn't reimburse you for gas even though she makes you drive hours away from the office. She will promise lots of bonuses if you do well from time to time but never once paid out a bonus to anyone the whole time I was there. On top of that, as an account manager you have to teach and train people and try to recruit members for your own team. You will have to pay these members out of your own pocket every day until they are good enough to go out and sell for themselves. Now if for some reason you are able to survive this financial massacre and you get 4 team members on your crew you have to keep them their long enough to become leaders themselves at which time you have your qualifications to become assistant director. They tell you that as an assistant director you will make salary but IT IS NOT A SALARY POSITION AT ALL. The team you built while in the field is now out there selling while you sit in the office and you get a portion of everything they sell. Sounds nice for you except that's the only money you make so if you lose a couple guys your pay drops dramatically and there is no base office pay or security. If your whole team quits the same day as Emily says happened to Marissa then you don't get paid at all until you go back out into the field and build another team to make money for you. Then if by some miracle you make it this far and are ready for becoming a director, you get your own office somewhere else ripping people off, getting paid based on how many coupons your office sells for you. All in all it's a huge waste of time and will get you nowhere but broke homeless and feeling dumber than when you started there.

    If anyone has any questions about anything just post the question on the blog and I'll be happy to answer them in detail.

  24. I just wanted to say thanks for this blog. This organization already gave me the creeps and I'm glad I was able to find all this out before I even bothered to go for an interview.

  25. Well thanks to several of my friends and former co workers I was alerted about the company I was interviewing with. Before even going to the interview I was weary after seeing their poor excuse for a website filled with vague information. Well on my way to the interview I was having a bit of trouble finding the location, so I called Melissa for assistance, she did not answer and her voicemail inbox was full. I thought to myself "Wow that is pretty unprofessional." I did happen to find the location and make it on time. When I arrived there 3 women were gossiping outside smoking, one of them happened to be Melissa, who asked if I was here for an interview. Once inside I waited several minutes Melissa came back in and apologized for not being prepared and that she lost track of time on her break and didn't even realize it was already past 10 am. Again I thought to myself "great first impression this company is making." I waited 35 mins while Melissa was small talking my ear off, before my very brief interview with Emily, but not before I heard several inbound calls received by Melissa and another receptionist. Each conversation sounded almost identical as if they were scripted but these girls had it down. I was starting to thing that something was up. I meet Emily and proceed the brief interview where she tried to "Pitch me" the position. It struck me as odd how Emily worked her way up from the bottom to the top in 8 months, what company makes an employee the owner? She also was a fast talker when I asked questions about what the company does. So being in sales for 4 years I could tell when she was trying to pull one over on me. And don't get me started on her response to if the company offers benefits, she almost seemed disgusted that I would bring up the topic. Alas thank you all for the information and preventing me from wasting further time with Sound Marketing.

  26. Aaaa yes....Elizabeth.....isn't it funny that the only person who tries to save the face of sound marketing is the one person with her head so far up Emily's rear that its hard to tell where Emily stops and she begins. What's even more ironic is the fact that Liz went on a road trip to Portland not long before I left. Her only job was to find a cheap hotel to stay at and direct the 4 people with her where to roam the streets and go business to business. Not hard at all, ESPECIALLY for someone who was supposed to be a leader. Yet as soon as she arrived, she broke down crying, said she quit, and left the 4 other workers to fend for themselves while she chilled with friends. Then upon arriving home she bragged about how she just couldn't take the pressure and snapped. Now a leader by definition is an individual strong enough to lead when times get tough and stand strong in the face of pressure......I don't see any leader qualities from her so far. If thats the next "owner" I think im more worried about her company than I am sound marketing. And what's more pathetic liz is that for you to feel successful you have to wait for Emily to pat you on the back and tell you that your now successful when really all she is doing Is stroking your almost non existant ego so you'll be the one person to stick up for her. And of course the energy there changed after the two of us left. We were the only two still in the building that couldnt be brainwashed! Now that we're gone, everyone else just keeps silent like they are robots and believes anything Emily tells them. Thanks for trying liz but no matter where you shop, you won't find a rug big enough to sweep all this under. I just hope you stop before you waste your entire life.

  27. Everything mentioned about this place is true. "Throw enough sh*t at the wall and something is going to stick" is their marketing plan. They prey on the uneducated, the uninformed and the desperate. SMG needs people constantly or they are going to go under. They don't even bother to look at your resume or cover letter before calling you. I have both resume and cover letters that are tailored to Human Resources. I applied to this SMG craig's list add that advertised an entry level HR position available. When I sat down for the interview I asked what this position was going to be for... she, Melissa, said direct marketing. I told her, "That is not the position I applied for" and pointed to my resume opening statement. "I'm sorry, I must have missed it" was her reply. "I also mentioned entry level HR position in the email." She looked uncomfortable because I threw off her scripted speech. They don't care about you. If they did care, they would take the 7 - 12 seconds it takes to read what you send them. I wish I would have found this blog posting before walking out of the interview, however, this blog confirms that I made the right choice. I told the women who was waiting to interview in the lobby behind me that it was a scam. She seemed gratefully saddened that this was yet another let down.

  28. I am a college graduate with an outstanding resume and went through the same experience. Too all of you who are reading this keep plugging away and if you work hard, and stay focused, good job opportunities will come. However this company is not it.
    Keeping it simple I will first say the aforementioned statements are completely true. If you are planning on interviewing cancel!!!!!!!!!! Well, unless you are 12 and want to make some extra money for your Boy Scout troop. I could go on and share another story full of false hopes and watching some uneducated moron trying to sell coupons while violating no solicitation/ trespassing signs but ill pass.
    Well I guess I kind of did anyway, I couldn’t help my self.
    Bottom line:
    If you have an interview- don’t go!
    If they come to your place of business- give them hell!
    If you are reading this and work at "Sound Marketing" good luck, your worse off the any of the above.

  29. So I know most Of these posts are About sound marketing but I wonder does anyone have any information about the company "pure talk marketing Inc" it's does say they are located in the same building, but is it the same company??? Is it possible that they are in the same building but different suite? Are they structured the same, a pyramid sceme? (which in fact is not a scam, just a poor structure unless you're on top) And if they are the same does anyone know about the new office opening up in Beaverton Oregon? Is It worth my time going to the interview? It clearly states in the craigslist postin that it is NOT commission based, that they are a marketing company targeting home improvement partnered with home depot. I feel after reading these posts that maybe I'm just getting fooled, but I kinda want to go to the interview and see for myself.

  30. To the last comment, Pure Talk Marketing Inc. is Sound Marketing, but a different pay structure. Look here:

  31. Pure Marketing= Pure Scam!!
    ( In response to a "conformation e-mail to the HR recruter)
    ""After some research on your company , I will not be coming in for an interview. I don't want to waste your time or mine. I am well educated,and also a multiple business owner, and will not be selling anything door to door. I am disappointed that in this hard economic time that there are companies like yours that take advantage of people and their willingness to work to provide for their families. I have 5 children and I am sure alot of families have put their faith into your company , just to be lead astray. I hope that your paycheck can compensate for your conscience. Shame on you and your " company," I will be doing everything in my power to see that people like you do not scam good hard working American people. Do not contact me again, and thanks but no thanks."""

    This "job" was posted on Craigslist in Portland, Oregon. I was suppose to interview today for an "entry level" marketing job. Thank goodness for blogs like this, thanks to everyone for taking the time to share your voice! I hope everyone can stand up and say something when scams are popping up everywhere. Shame on these people and companies! Below is the e-mail to me from them so everyone can know what to look out for!!
    ""I just called you to double check that you got the directions to our office! We are looking forward to meeting with you for your interview . See you soon! If you get turned around at all please don't hesitate to call me at ######. Please remember to bring a copy of your resume.

    Regional Recruiter
    Pure Talk Marketing, Inc.

  32. Craigslist add below::

    ""GOT PERSONALITY? (Beaverton)
    Date: 2012-01-30, 9:41AM PST

    Home Improvement Marketing Firm is looking for 12 Entertaining people for In-Store Marketing Reps Positions.

    Are you making at least $500 WEEKLY?
    START A.S.A.P.

    FOR IMMEDIATE INTERVIEW CALL Kim at 732-642-1576

    Location: Beaverton
    Compensation: $500+
    Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
    Phone calls about this job are ok.

    PostingID: 2825753963

  33. Pure talk marketing has nothing to do with sound marketing: door to door, business to business, coupons, certificates, 1099 status or visions of sugar plums.
    They issue a paycheck weekly: taxes with held of course. They work with Home Depot: I don't think hd would associate with any "scam". Do any of you?
    From what I understand, they did for a short while, share office space, "to minimize overhead costs". But since then have moved out and thrive in their business: so much, they have opened another office in Portland. Does that sound like a "scam" ? I never dealt with sm, Emily or mellissa. But I found PTM very open, honest and willing to explain everything in detail. I don't know about everyone else, but I had a hard time finding a paying job in today business environment. People here seem to jump to conclusions before they get details or facts. Every week I got paid, no questions asked. If it wasn't for the fact I had to move, I would still be there. If I needed a job to pay my bills, and I had a company willing to give me an offer I would take it. For all these people making comments above, you have to choices say yes or no, leave it at that. Looks like someone has an ax to grind with SM, that's too bad. Is there more to the story? We are only getting one side of the story

  34. I worked here for about a week and a half. It was a complete joke. The guy I went out with never paid me the money he was supposed to at the end of the day. Instead, he would offer me drugs. Aint that some shit?

  35. I think they are now calling themselves Impact Marketing Concepts. They're still located on Stradler Way.

  36. Does anyone have any info on SS Marketing Group Inc in Tukwila on Stradler and ran by Brian Lee?

  37. I'm doing my research as well. It looks like S.S. Marketing "moved to Seattle" in June 2013 (, Brian Lee was "appointed" as manager, although the tweets say Brian is the owner (@ssmarketinginc) - the tweets also begin June 2013. If anyone has any info, please post... sounds like it could simply be the same group with another name change.

  38. Further research has shown that S.S. Marketing is somehow related to Vantage, Inc. ( a Feb 2014 post on the Vantage, Inc. FB page ( says it's the "Seattle office" with the hashtags "#vantage" and "#seattle"

  39. S.S. Marketing Group is now "Compact Management Group"

    I found this when I googled the phone number that one of their child like "recruiters" called me from, (206) 575-6821, the phone traces back to 1035 Andover Park West, Suite 110. Tukwila, WA 98188

    That phone and address bring up pages for S.S. Marketing and their newest incarnation "Compact Management Group"

    I'm glad I did the research and didn't waste my time driving to Tukwila.