Monday, August 22, 2011

Pure Talk Marketing, Inc (Tukwila, WA)

Pure Talk Marketing, Inc (631 Strander Blvd., Tukwila, WA) outside of Seattle, has the same address as Sound Marketing Group, Inc,  It appears from both websites that Sound Marketing Group sells discount coupons and Pure Talk Marketing solicits customers at Home Depot for home remodeling work. At Sound Marketing, the more coupons you sell, the more money you make. At Pure Marketing, you make minimum wage if you do not earn a certain commission level.

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state "no experience required". If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage, commission, or the greater of the two earned? Are there company benefits such as vacation and medical and dental insurance?

You have got to read the comments from former employees of Sound Marketing Group, Inc.
631 Strander Blvd
Tukwila, WA 98188
No phone number on website

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Sound Marketing Group, Inc.
631 Strander Blvd
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 708-6431

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  1. I used to work for Pure Talk Marketing and they are nothing like Sound Marketing. They shared an office and once the owner saw how they were running business, he left as soon as he could. We started hearing that everyone was associated the 2 companies as one so he knew he had to get his own place. They didn't deceive me at all. They have certain policies like not discussing the numbers over the phone but I have heard that from Verizon etc. But they did tell me that it was a base & commission job and it was. I was fine with that because I don't like having someone cap my income. I was making good money, received a weekly check, and you saw that taxes were automatically taken out. I'm a sales guy I was doing so well I made it to assistant management in a few months and almost qualified to be a manager, but I had to move because of a family crisis. All in all is that this company doesn't deserve to be here and your blog should do more quality research because when I worked there we were like family.

  2. Pure talk marketing has nothing to do with sound marketing: door to door, business to business, coupons, certificates, 1099 status or visions of sugar plums.
    They issue a paycheck weekly: taxes with held of course. They work with Home Depot: I don't think hd would associate with any "scam". Do any of you?
    From what I understand, they did for a short while, share office space, "to minimize overhead costs". But since then have moved out and thrive in their business: so much, they have opened another office in Portland. Does that sound like a "scam" ? I never dealt with sm, Emily or mellissa. But I found PTM very open, honest and willing to explain everything in detail. I don't know about everyone else, but I had a hard time finding a paying job in today business environment. People here seem to jump to conclusions before they get details or facts. Every week I got paid, no questions asked. If it wasn't for the fact I had to move, I would still be there. If I needed a job to pay my bills, and I had a company willing to give me an offer I would take it. For all these people making comments above, you have to choices say yes or no, leave it at that. Looks like someone has an ax to grind with SM, that's too bad. Is there more to the story? We are only getting one side of the story