Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BBB Conglomerate, Inc (New York, NY)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits?

 Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.
What does BBB stand for?
It simply pays homage to a saying in one of our partner’s family. His father is a renowned worldwide and became the King of his land. Bon Ba Bell means “son of Bell”; but don’t call him a Prince!

Besides BBB Conglomerate, the address 690 8th Ave. Floor 5, New York, NY also houses The Henry Group of NY, and it formerly housed Polaris, Inc (out of business). All three are/were Cydcor independently owned corporate licensees.

BBB Conglomerate claims they will have 10 branch openings within the next 18 months and 50 offices in five years. Really?

40 Exchange place,
New York, NY 10005
Twitter: @bbbconglomerate
Phone: 212-470-7819

Previous Address
BBB Conglomerate, Inc
690 8th Ave. Floor 5
New York, NY 10036
No telephone number on website.
We are an outsourced sales, marketing, and consulting firm. Just 18 months ago we had two people in our company. Since then, we have experienced 3000% growth in the heart of this recession. In the last quarter alone we have opened three new branches

In the next 18 months, at our clients request, we will have 10 branches operating. We will have 50 offices in five years and 150+ in the following five. In the meantime, international expansion is also a company goal.
The BBB Conglomerate has been promoting products and services since 2008

Created on 2011-09-24


  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Thank you so much for bringing this error to my attention! I just took over as the social media manager for the company a few weeks ago, and I had missed that error with the founding date. The website domain was purchased just last year so that is the reason for the 2011 date. All of the errors you mentioned have been fixed since then.

    I can see by your posting that you were uneasy with a possible affiliation with other companies aforementioned. We do share our office space in Manhattan with other companies that sub-lease as well, and I can assure you that they are separate companies. I can also assure you that we do not have any affiliation whatsoever with Cydcor or any of their affiliate offices. We also do not have any business relationships with them at all in any form or fashion.

    I hope this clears up any confusion you had, and thank you again for bringing those errors to our attention.

    If you have any further questions, contact us at or myself at

    Thanks Again!

  2. This company is also a part of The Henry Group NYC they are fake and so is the person that typed the response above. These people have no lives and think that people are dumb enough to fall for their tricks. This is a tip if you go to a job searching site and you see this "business" along with other "businesses" posting multiple positions all at one company 99% of the time it is a scam company!! No real company has more than 20 positions open all at the same time that are hiring immediately. It just isn't going to happen. Cheryl has now probably fixed the website with more fake information that has been pointed out as being weird to make it even more believable for people searching for real jobs.

    1. I know people that work here. A scam is a fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. This is definitely a legit business. The demand from high profile clients is very strong. Fortune 500 clients and prestigious charities would not hire a scam company to market for them.

  3. Just to reiterate, we are not part of The Henry Group, we share the floor of an office building with them. I encourage anyone reading this to contact us with any questions so that you can get any and all of them answered.

  4. The BBB Conglomerate is the biggest scam I've ever seen! The group promises 30-40k base salary then, after wasting a full day in Harlem running around creepy apartment buildings, they tell me the entry level position is 100% commission based! Applicant beware!!!

    1. I doubt anyone promised a base salary. People there do make $30-$40 k, it's like getting paid to go to school.

  5. BBB Conglomerate is a very dangerous company to work for. They'll put you in Harlem or the Bronx and make you go door to door without compensating you for your travel expenses. The commissions paid are next to nothing numbers. Not worth your time and effort. The jobs is a scam and the company is fake.

    1. People don't have to work in dangerous place.

    2. There are very safe places to work, and work as a team. If people can't pay $4.50 for a subway, they can ask ahead of time, and work it out. It's an opportunity business, and does deliver on it's promise. As long as people get the appropriate coaching, which is given when asked, they will succeed eventually.

  6. the logo looks unprofessional. I received a call and the woman sounded way to carefree. Also beware of people who say "congratulations" wtf? I am so sick of this scam shit. do i have no chance in this world. stop giving people false hope you assholes. Thanks guys for the feedback.

    1. It's a small business. There's amazing opportunities if you're able to put in the hard work.

  7. wow thank God i did some research before going to my interview today !! What a wast of time . They emailed me twice in one day , i knew something was up

    1. The recruiting is desired, because they have a demand from clients. They want to give people the same opportunity they have.

  8. yea they got me too. when i went, this warning website was not up yet so they got me on a 2nd interview and had me travel all the way up to washington heights with them just to find out it is a door to door bullshit job where you dont even get paid. the bitch i was assigned to was explaining to me on the way up there what it is they do and 90% of it made no sense except for the part where they knock on doors like jehovahs witnesses. i played along for a while but i was waiting for the first chance to get away from the woman and the other guy i was with since i found out after being on the A train half way to washington heights that it was door to door sales. the bitch kept saying i was her associate and in the back of my head im thinking "bitch im not your associate yet im not being paid right now, this is supposed to be an interview" .. who interviews out in the street doing door to door? basically they use that 2nd day on the field interview process to get you to do their work for them so they can meet their quota and make their sales while you get nothing and they make you think that it is them testing you to see if you qualify for the job. when i got to washington heights, this bitch walked us up to a random apartment building and buzzed every single button on the intercom until one person decided to just open the door. then she goes knocking on every door and whenever a person opens, she tries to explain who she is and what they do and how they can make the customers energy bill more efficient and none of it makes sense. most people said not interested or come back at 7pm when the primary bill holder is home and after they closed the door she would just curse them out .. how is this professional??? cursing in front of your "trainees".. now i know its really a joke .... i watched her be an idiot for 30 minutes as she knocked on like 5 doors at a time and kept introducing me and the other guy as her associates... what if she knocked on the door of a killer .. we'd all be dead .... this is very dangerous. if she went inside someones apartment, i would have drawn the line there. i kept looking for a good time to bail on them without actually telling them im no longer interested. that moment came when one guy in apartment 4F seemed interested in what she was selling and gave his info. at this moment she got distracted and ran up to get more info from him. at that time i stayed in the lobby and when she was upstairs i opened the lobby door, went outside, and just left without even telling them goodbye or thanks for the opportunity or anything... i just left. so she probably was looking around for like 15 or 20 minutes wondering where i went and i dont even feel bad .. thanks for making me waste my time with you bitch ... be careful people.. dont accept an interview from them. they take you to dangerous areas to knock on doors and this is very unsafe ... she goes into their apartment to talk business... she deserves to get raped for being so stupid .. i dont know how these people live with themselves knowing that their job is a fake scam.

  9. Lol i wish this blog existed when I got a call to be interviewed by this company! The post before me had me hysterically laughing because that's exactly how it went! I wasted so much time and money. I only realized what is it they were actually doing on the third interview because like posts before me said, they talk so that you can't understand what it is they are actually talking about! I was very taken back by the fact that they had me spend my own money for a metro card without any warning just so that I can shadow them going door to door selling energy accounts in the bronx! I felt so uncomfortable being a young female in the Bronx going from apartment to apartment trying to close accounts with people who either didn't speak English or understand what the hell we we're doing! They beat around the bush and manipulated people into opening the door for them! If I didn't feel so confused and lost I would of back on the subway and to the city. It was until we were coming back which was at 7:30 at night (mind you my interview for this day started at 2) that I was told this job was solely commission based! So if you didn't close enough accounts, you can bet your ass you weren't getting paid much! Travel expenses alone would cost more than what they were offering considerig the majority of this job is travel based! We got back into the office a little after 8 and they actually had me take a quiz to see what I learned! LOL here is what I learned! More than half of the people who actually came to their doors, yelled at us and did not want to be bothered at their home! So how successful can this really be! After this quiz they called me into the office to tell me I got the job and that I would start the next day after I did a drug test. I declined their offer and was so eager to leave! By the time I left it was around 10:00!!!! I couldn't believe how much time I had wasted! I guess i was being naive because I had just graduated college and was looking forward to Starting a real job and making money! But this job was not offering any of that! Not even benefits! I was better off working retail! I should of asked more questions but maybe thats why they target recently desperate college graduates oh and lots of foreigners Which I noticed and thought was weird but now I understand their theory behind doing that! My friend recently just went on her first interview with this company and I'm happy that I got to warn her about it just in time before she wasted another day with them! It seems as if they are constantly hiring for these positions and that is all they do! What kind of legitimate company is That?!?!? So glad I got to warn my friend in time and that this blog is up to warn other people! This was a learning experience that taught me to be a lot more aware of scams and this type of job!

  10. Oh and the guy who I was shadowing was actually examining my resume and asking me questions about it! They put u on the spot and make you feel like you need them when its totally the other way around! My resume could of read fuck you all over it and they probably still would of hired me because I was one of two who ended up sticking around for the entire "interview" most people I'm sure just left right away when they realized what this was! It's very nerve recking being on an interview as it is, but then they go ahead and stick you in the Bronx with a bunch of strangers you literally just met! If I wanted to get back on the subway to head back into the city I would of been on my own and I wasn't about to do that considering I had no idea where I was! I look back and laugh now at how desperate they probably are in finding people to work for them!

  11. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I guess they do target recent college grads in need of jobs. I first suspected something was wrong when I noticed typos on the website and no phone number, like another guy said above. They also don't list their clients and I really did not understand what they do based on their About Us section. Total scam! This is the second job I applied to that is a scam and twice blogs like this saved me from going to an interview. By the way those two jobs were from craigslist. Never going there again for job hunting. Thank yo so much!!!

  12. what is a scam company? do they take money from you? i have an interview and am confused as to how its a scam. is there really no job?

  13. they offer cheaper marketing by going door to door. if i worked at mcdonalds I still wouldnt work with bbc conglomerate.

  14. To unsuspecting new graduates:

    BBB Conglomerate recently posted another ad on Craigslist (Posting ID: 3595538684) with super obnoxious bullet stars and exclamation marks. They Proclaim that you could become their
    "walking, talking, smiling (and great looking!)
    Face to Face Dream Team! "

    That is unprofessionalism #1. No reputable marketing company will say that they are looking for "smiling, great looking" staff. And You know what that entails, right? Yes, door-to-door selling. Based on past reviews, you will mostly likely not be sent to good neighborhoods. Why? Residents in nice neighborhoods will not tolerate door to door salesmen and will report them as harrassments. "BBB Conglomerate" will most likely go to high rises where they can canvas a large area and where residents are used to random people banging on their doors selling, asking to be research participants, etc.

    Let's look at the name:
    "BBB Conglomerate"
    A Conglomerate (company) based on Wikipedia is "A combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses that val under one corporate group…" What makes this "BBB Conglomerate" a Conglomerate? Just because they use a fancy name in their company's name does not mean that they are a fancy company. If anything, it shows that they are a newly started company where "Management" consist of unsuspecting graduates with no job experience. They might have started out selling door to door, but for the most part, they haven't been promoted internally as said, but will have been recruited as friends/family.

    I will just say one more thing that I've noticed. Their photo on Craigslist is linked to a "MrFocusInc" on Photobucket. The use of Photobucket and the name itself are highly unprofessional. "BBB Conglomerate" is NOT what they purport to be.

    Unsuspecting graduates looking for a great job with high pay, please don't be swindle. Accumulate experience in a worthy profession/career/job. Don't be fooled by these fools

  15. I use to work for them in early 2012 for approximately 3 months before I quit. The reason why I quit was because I realized they were a scam. How? I only made commission and even the commission that I made was 85% lower than what I was initially supposed to make with them. When I would ask them for my transaction reports (to see which accounts were truthfully canceled by the customers and which were approved), they delayed to send me the reports until I quit and told them I would reach out to the labor department about this. And when they did send me my transaction reports, it looked fake and forged! It looked as if it were typed up on Microsoft Office the night before being sent to me.

    In just 2 weeks of my employment with BBB Conglomerate, I was promoted to Corporate Trainer because I had apparently not only reached their expectations but dramatically exceeded them, ha. They also told us that in a month or two, we would be contributing 1/3 of our paychecks to help open up other offices in NYC that we would help manage, haha.

    What a load of crock. These crooks will end up behind bars soon enough.

  16. YBL FL wrote "we would be contributing 1/3 of our paychecks to help open up other offices in NYC that we would help manage.." Contributing one-third of your pay to help open another independent Cydcor office is something that I have never read about. There must be something illegal about this "contribution". Think abut this, 1/3 of $15,000, 1/3 of $20,000 or 1/3 of $30,000 (if you can make $30,000 in commissions). Why would you give up one-third of your pay. Did BBB Conglomerate guarantee a return on your investment in the new office?

  17. - Website does not say anything about what the company does.
    - Employees are all under the age of 30 with little/no experience of the marketing field.
    - If you want to learn about the field look for another company or ask someone to help you find a reputable employer.
    - All job positions are the same. Account manager will be the same thing as sales team.
    - All candidates on their 2nd interview will start out at the entry level position going around the city of Chicago (or NY if you are working for a partner firm of theirs i.e. BBB Conglomerates, VIDA in Miami, or Black Operations) and knock on doors asking people to either purchase AT&T fiber optic cable or lower their electricity bill. The selection of residencies or businesses that they choose is based off of the "400,000 leads" they have in the city of Chicago alone. These leads are a line of crap and you will be buzzing random doorbells.
    - They say this is the way in which they "shadow" you but in fact they are trying to meet some sort of quota and they figured they could have free labor go around door to door asking people to do so. They have set themselves up as a "marketing company" because they offer cheap face to face marketing. They do not do the marketing themselves. Instead, they win over candidates with claims that they can make six figures in a few years, they will gain valuable knowledge of the indsutry, they will become leaders, etc. When they hire 15 new candidates they know 14 of them will leave. Some of them will leave right away, others will stick around for a few days, and the rest will leave in a few months. During this time they will have you perform door to door/ street team style marketing. This can be called anything from face to face or even their "training". This way they can offer little to no pay (often times they make you even pay for your travel) and offer their clients cheap marketing.
    - I took one interview here and the guy who interviewed me reminded me of something out of a movie. He told me he was from "Macedonia" and that people had all sorts of backgrounds at JME. He himself "went to med school" and JME was just the better way to go for him. He tried to use acronyms, salary figures, company statistics, and other sales tactics to win me over into thinking they were great. Let me tell you this place is as phony as they come.
    - Do your research you will see that the companies I listed above are all shams. BBB Conglomerate was started by this guy Antoine C. Bell started one company and they took 1/3 of their employees paychecks to get their other office scams started.

  18. I was so looking forward to this opportunity. It was a marketing position at a company called Noble Solutions. I found out by chance, after I decided to look up the address on Google. I was born and raised in New York City, and I also attended college here, so I know the city fairly well. When I clicked on the Street View Option, I immediately felt like I had viewed this area before on Google. I remembered the building. I looked into it further and noticed that the building also held another familiar company to me- BBB Conglomerate.

    This was from a company that contacted me for an interview a few months prior, but I never showed up mainly because they seemed unprofessional after they asked me to come in at 6PM via email around 11am the same day they initially contacted me….Maybe it's just me- But that didn't seem normal…Every professional interview I've ever been to schedules a meeting early in the day. After discussing it with my father, I decided not to go in. When I looked BBB Conglomerate up, nothing came up that would spark concern. Probably because I didn't bother to check if it was a scam. So yeah, I just figured they needed to get their shit together as a company, and they never contacted me again. That was the end of that. That was months ago.

    But now, it couldn't have been a coincidence that I somehow landed TWO interviews in the SAME building from companies that seemed different yet similar in so many ways. So naturally, I investigated further. And that's when I saw it. BBB Conglomerate SCAM posted all over my screen. I typed in Noble Solutions Scam and got the same results. WTF! I should've known. The clues were everywhere:

    -The website didn't make sense to me. There was hardly any information about anything. They boasted their work with Fortune 500 Companies but they can't even list one.

    -When they called me, it was from a private number. When I read the negative reports and blogs, I called the number from a blocked number at 12:01AM and a man picked up. AT MIDNIGHT. No one will be picking up their office phone on a Saturday at midnight. Also, my WHO ARE YOU app told me it was a private number listed "RIOS MARINA" although the area code was 212. I should've known from the moment they called me.

    -When I reviewed the email, the body of the email referred to the company as Noble Solutions. However, in other parts, such as the link to the website, the company is referred to as Noble Solution. On their website, the company's logo image just says NOBLE. Little grammatical errors, for a supposed highly respectable company? Come on. How did I not see this!!

    -The person sending the email was known as Lauren. Just Lauren. No last name, so obviously she couldn't be looked up. The phone number she listed was the same private number that called me, however, my app recognized this number to be affiliated with the name "Marina Rios". I also don't want to any make careless assumptions, but the man that picked up tonight sounded Hispanic.

    I feel so stupid for not realizing this sooner, however, I'm glad/grateful I did my research before wasting my time. I felt so confident about this interview, because I have all of the requirements they claim to be seeking. But its a SHAM. Its disgusting that they do this to Recent College Grads, people who earned their degrees and are just trying to jumpstart their careers. YOU ARE EDUCATED. Dig a little deeper into what's right in front of you, as well as go with your gut instinct!!!! and you can see SCAM written all over it. I'm thankful that I won't have to waste any time going in, and I felt it was necessary to same something because although I miraculously avoided this bullshit TWICE, I feel sympathy and anger for people who actually dealt with it. I'll keep my temp job and hope for the fucking best, thank you very much. UGH.

  19. Check out my post about Troy International or any of the companies affiliated with them (Polaris, The Henry Group, EQM, EQ New York, Worldwide Marketing, The BBB Conglomerate and Noble Solution). I've done extensive research and found out that all these companies DO the same thing, OPERATED by the same people, and LOCATED in the same building. They change names when they know people caught on.

    Read my post here:

  20. the bbb website is a joke. they even wrote PHOTO'S instead of PHOTOS OF THE WHOLE TEAM (Under the OUR PEOPLE TAB). wtf.

  21. Thanks for posting my blog on this post! There is YET another company connected to The BBB Conglomerate Network called Northstar Consulting Group. They are located at the same address at the BBB Conglomerate Network. Check out the end of my post for further details!

  22. Hello ? i just just literally got off the phone with one of the reps for BBBC network earlier today. I have an interview with them 2mrw @ this location, maybe it is the new office they bought eh?

    40 exchange place
    6fl suite 6000
    (wall street vicinity)

    i read this post top to bottom, and i am more convinced that you guys are a little bit over-reacting a bit. I do believe that maybe this company do have a lot of young studs & young tuts, i have seen the pictures.. as far as door to door hustling, it is hit or miss. nowerdays it is hot as hell in a humid type of way & we dont got enough time and water to be going door to door in the hood tryna sell shit because it can hinder physical performance hence making us very aggravated muchless if our consumers are rude & obnoxious.

    i have an interview with these guys 2mrw @ 1:45, which is good enough time because i have an earlier interview with perhaps another company which is probably the same guys on
    132 W36st
    3rd fl
    between broadway & 7th AVE

    for 2mrw @ 10am ...

    feel free to contact my google account, gmail.

  23. where else can i find more hardcore research on bbbc network?
    i want to prepare myself some questions so i do not end up getting swindled and dwindled!

  24. Yeah so i basically had an interview with BBB and i was so excited i needed a job to provide for my daughter and i thought this was my chance i should of paid attention to the signs because i applied on monday at 9 45 and they called me by 11 i went on the first interview and i spoke to a really nice lady with an accent named GiGi she asked me if i wanted to work behind a desk and i thought yes finally. so the next day i got called to a second interview and when i got there i waited a whole hour but while waiting i noticed alot of people where there for the second interview and the workers were in group meetings and jumping around like cunts but i didnt pay it any mind then i happen to google them and came across this blog and i read all what people were saying and i said to myself should i run or are these people being dramatic. after that they finally called me into a room with 3 other girls and told me i was going to be spending the day with them. stupid me should ran when they asked if i had a metro card because i saw a post saying the same thing but i went ahead and we got on the train to brooklyn and the girl sat there and explained everything to me and then had the nerve to tell me that i cant use my phone this is an interview.. its hot like F out there why would i as a young female walk the streets and areas i dont know knocking on the devils door .. i was so upset yesterday i wanted to go home and cry i felt stupid i wasted my time and money i wanted to go back to the office and warn others and put them on blast i felt scammed i could of avoided this if i ran when i had the opportunity to this is all a learning experience and then i found out that this company tells people that they are either paying for children to eat or some other bullshit and thats not even the case these children are just the excuse for the company,i wish there was some way i could report them and prevent them from fooling other people like myself these guys are scams run while you can dont waste your time and money seriously

  25. Thank you all so much for the info on them,I was scheduled to go on an interview with them tomorrow and I sure would have wasted my time. I would have cussed them out too.

  26. I believe the latest/current company that is occupying in 40 Exchange place NY suite 600 is called IGM (INGENIOUS GLOBAL MARKETING). I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still the same people!

    I don’t think I have anything different that to share that is already mentioned here. But here is my experience with them:

    Two months back, I sent in my resume to them on the same day I saw their job posting. I immediately got an email response within 2 days! Now that I am more familiar with misleading jobs, I realized that this is a red flag. A legitimate company who is supposed to be a “leading marketing and sales firm” (as their website says) does not email back that fast! With all the people applying for the position, the screening process of resumes takes more than two days!

    Website is amateurish. Filled with cheesy business lingoes. Business concepts you learn from Business 101. “Leading marketing and sales firm” WITHOUT ANY PORTFOLIO. How can you be a leading firm and you don’t show your portfolio? Website has less than ten pages. LOL

    So when I went in for the interview not knowing what am I about to deal with…

    “Leading marketing and sales firm” with no office of their own! WTF! LOL they share a space with another company. It could be very well a similar type of company. Their company name is not even listed on the directory in the lobby. Office has no sign of their brand name. Not even a logo!

    The email said ask for Nicole. I walked in and ask for Nicole, but the front desk girl ignored my question and already assumed I am there for the interview. I never met or saw a nicole and another one was introduced to me.

    I noticed there were a bunch of people in one room just like the others have mentioned. Like some type of meeting agenda. It almost looks like it’s an act to fool incoming interviewees. Around this time, I was already feeling something isn’t right.

    5mins of waiting, I was went in the next room (very dark) with the interviewer. Forgot his name, I think it was Julian (probably not even his real name). Interview wasn’t hard at all. Very basic questions. I didn’t expect it to be since the job posting said for entry level professionals. But one thing I would never forget the interviewer told me is that their two biggest clients are VERIZON and the other one was the same fundraising/charity company that BBB Conglomerate works with. I wish I knew what I was getting in to and brought a recorder with me. Once he said Verizon I could’ve used that against them. Verizon sure as hell does not work with marketing firm that doesn’t have their own office.

    After the 10 min interview, the guy told me I was right for the position (just like everyone else LOL) and I am ready for the next interview. The next interview takes about a whole day. LOL! Never heard of an interview that takes a whole day. The top managers are going to analyze me. This time it was getting a lot clearer that they were trying to mislead me.

    He then said, that the interviewee after me cancelled and I have a choice to go right into the second interview at that very moment. That’s a new strategy for them. Lie to interviewees about the next person after you cancelled. They try to make you feel very important by getting you to work with at that very same day. I declined.

    When I got out of that dark room, I noticed that there were 3 more people waiting to be interviewed. I knew right away they were lying to me about the next person after me cancelling the meeting.

    As soon I got home I got an email inviting me to the second interview. The interview that takes a whole day and said “Make sure to wear comfortable shoes” as the interview involves a lot of walking. LMAO

    If you google this company, you will not see any reviews about it. All you will see are job postings from them on almost all job search sites. I did more research and thankfully typed 40 exchange place suite 600 and stumbled on this blog! It saved me the trouble and embarrassment! Thank you!

    1. Enter your interview or employment experience as a comment for others to read and decide whether they should apply or work for this company.

    2. I see that you have already posted this. Great! I believe this is the first report for them. Hopefully people in the east coast tri-state will run in to your blog. thanks for looking out!

    3. The reporter, I tried putting my story in the comment section. But it won't let me. Something with the fact that I passed the 4000 something word limit. I only had 1000. Anyway, let me know how I can help.

    4. LFM, please break up your story into multiple parts, i.e.,, part1 - part 5. Readers of this blog would love to learn from your experience.

  27. Be aware people! Their latest installment is called Centurion & Co. Concepts, located at 40 Exchange place NY Suite 600

  28. SCAM!!! Total scam!!! INGENIOUS GLOBAL MARKETING or as they like to call themselves IGM is an absolute SCAM!!!! Please do not go to their interviews, Kim Gigi, and all the other people there are nothing but liars who try to take advantage of people that have little work experience or new college grads. Their name is not even on the director list in the lobby. They are located in 40 Exchange Place in NY 6th floor suit 600. You will recognize you're there by the UNPROFESSIONAL LOUD music and MISSING company logo. Nothing but RED FLAGS about this "company" Beware! STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

    1. Enter your interview or employment experience as a comment for others to read and decide whether they should apply or work for this company.

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  31. Hi guys. There is this company called CentcoMarketing or they also call themselves Centurion. Stay away from them and do not go to the interview, unless you want to work on commission. I went to the interview only because they said, they had a full time position with a base salary. Well, it was sales, and they pay you $200 a week, and after it is all commission. When I was waiting for the person to interview me, there was loud house music playing, which I found very unprofessional. The address is 40 Exchange Place in NY 6th floor suit 600