Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New World Marketing, Inc./Philadelphia Business Partners (Philadelphia, PA)

Update: April 2013
According to comments left on this blog,  Philadelphia Business Consultants is now using the same address as the defunct Global Marketing Consultants.

42 South 15 Street Suite 1300
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Philadelphia Business Partners
No street address or telephone number provided on their website.
Created on: 13-Feb-2013

Notice below that both Philadelphia Business Partners and the now defunct Global Marketing Consultants state they manage marketing and sales campaigns for 37 multi-billion dollar clients.

Excerpt from an e-mail PBP's human resources sent to people who submitted their resumes:
Philadelphia Business Partners manages the strategic marketing & sales consulting operations for 37 multi-billion dollar clients.
Update: January 2013
It appears from the comments that the owners of Global Marketing Consultants, Inc have closed GMC and opened New World Marketing, Inc or renamed the company to New World Marketing.
No street address, telephone number or e-mail address provided on website.
No contact information such address or telephone number provided except for their email address The company's info page states the company was founded in 2001.

Created on 2012-10-19

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits?

People who interview with Cydcor affiliates are told they have the opportunity to be trained for marketing, management, sales, public relations, advertising, human resources so they can open their own office. What the job seekers are not told is that they are trained to open new independently owned Cydcor affiliate offices thus repeating the recruiting cycle.

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

What does Global Marketing Consultants, Inc actually do? Their "What We Do" page is very vague.

Why is no record found for this company with the Pennsylvania Department of state as of 05/30/2012?

Does Global Marketing Consultants, Inc really have 37 multi-billion clients? Their facebook page states GMC was founded in 2010 yet their domain name was created in March 2012.

Global Marketing Consultants, Inc
42 South 15 Street Suite 1300
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 279-8843
Founded 2010

Created on 2012-Mar-08, Global Marketing Consultants jobs
Global Marketing Consultants was formed in response to a demand from Fortune 100 companies seeking alternative consultative marketing and sales solutions.

Global Marketing Consultants delivers a combination of innovative ideas, superb client service, and unparalleled strategic implementation – not to mention millions upon millions of dollars in revenue.
We manage the Marketing Sales Campaigns for 37 multi-billion dollar clients in the energy, retail, satellite communication, telecommunication, sports and charitable industries.


  1. OMG. Avoid this place at all costs. Thank god I didn't go to the interview because I decided to look up the company and see if there were any postings on it being scammy and found this after I applied so I was prepared for the phone call I receive that same day. The one thing about these pyramid scheme and marketing scheme companies is that they are SUPER defensive about what they do. I took the advice of this article and disclosed that I would not like to make minimum wage plus commission or work for commission alone at all. Before that, however, she asked me could I come in for an interview TODAY. It's NOON. How absurd. I told her politely I don't think that should be an option... and she got loud and started saying I was rude to her and I had no right and threatened to hang up on me. I think she freaked out that I did my research and I knew what they had no plans of telling me about minimum wage and such because that means I'm already not sold on their bullshit. What in the world!! I mean... it IS rude to ask someone at noon to go across the city for an interview with some random company that solicits ANYONE. If you want me to go across the city for a scammy job the same day you call me, how much regard are you going to have for me as WORKER when you have none for me as a stranger.

  2. this place is a complete joke. They entice you with very lucrative numbers thrown your way but be wary. This place is A COMPLETE SCAM they owe me money and i wasted months of my life working with these scam artists. Ram Dharmaramajan would kill his own mother for a dollar, he is a scumbag to the fullest. Anamika sharma is another one who does not care what it takes, they fraudulent documents just to get sales in some cases. I am taking legal action to get the money that is owed to me. They claim they will keep promoting you but at the end of the day you will make 150 dollars a week (which you will not see until week 4) and commission (which people that i worked with never saw). You will see hundreds of new faces every week in for interviews because they need to keep their pyramid scheme going, and if you take this job you will be spending more money travelling and taking care of the expenses than what you actually make. This place is a disgrace, and it makes me want to vomit that fact that i worked there for so long. I lost sleep at night because of this while i worked there. essentially you work 12 hour days and go door to door trying to sell energy, verizon phones or whatever else they can get their hands on. "marketing consultant"? hardly. Of course they would never say anything like that in the job description ads or interviews, but once you get past the 'shadow day', which you work for free for a whole 8 hours to see how the "business is run", then you will see exactly what i am talking about

  3. Thank you. You just saved me so much time. I just received an email from them saying they would like to schedule me for an interview, that they received over 500 resumes, but I was one of the chosen etc. "Paid Training"

  4. Thank you as well I had a interview tomorrow I'm not going now

  5. Total scam. I worked 1 week for 45 hours and made what amounted to $200. That's $4.44 an hour. Not for a lack of effort, but they put us in places that couldnt generate the minimum income they swore we would make. Then they expect you to go out to team nights 2x a week to network. Of course you have to pay out of your own pocket. They must think money grows on trees.

    To ad insult to injury, they didn't even have the decency to pay me. Filed a complain with the wage board, lets hope it works.

  6. Ram dharmarajan is a scam artist to the fullest extent. I am going to make sure his fraudulent business is decimated. He is a lying scumbag who would kill his own mother for a dollar. take him to small claims court and call the sheriffs office and report him

  7. I just wanted to add, to this I received an email and of course I was a bit suspicious so I polietly asked what the job responsibilities and pay range was and the women who emailed me back (Patricia) said the following,
    The consultant is an Entry Level position. Your MAJOR
    responsibilities each day will be to do Customer Service and Quality
    control for the campaigns you are assigned to. We will train you
    because every group of campaigns will be slightly different.

    We're looking to fill this position for 5 teams working on new clients
    including Wells Fargo. We've received 500 inquires. We're bringing
    in 75. 25 will be called for 2nd rounds and ultimately 5 to 6 will be

    Pay is based on background and experience. My director would need to
    meet you to quote a harder number. PLEASE keep in mind. You did
    apply for a ENTRY LEVEL position. You would need to be comfortable
    with an ENTRY LEVEL range. At this point, what are you looking for?

    2 of our teams work on commission. We are specifically looking for
    aggressive marketeers for those teams (real estate agents, etc.). We
    pay for good people and will take care of them well. The other 3
    teams in question have a base salary + commission or bonuses system.

    Again, you are being considered for all of them because my director
    has not met you in person yet. If you were to come in, you would need
    to speak frankly about your pay needs and expectations so he knows
    what team or teams to consider you for.

    Please advise.
    I didnt appreciate her attitude about Entry Level pay, I have a Masters degree and wont be played for a fool. Anyway, I didnt respond and then she sent out a second email attempting me to come in for an interview on the same day (right before Christmas).

    1. same address for me today but different name.. PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS PARTNERS. I emailed the woman back and said "thanks but no thanks" lol. I am glad that when I tried to look up the address I found this blogspot or I would have wasted a day getting ready and going to Center City for this so called interview. I get stuff like this all the time. I am starting to wonder if there are any REAL jobs out there?!!!

  8. Same scam here, same address but new name. Now they are "New World Marketing". I received a similar e-mail to above. You're chosen from over 500 applicants. etc, etc. I found this website so never called them, but they called me today. I told them I am not interested. (I am an attorney, however new my title might be...not a good person to tick off, so I think she got the message.)

  9. Ram and Annamika...

    1st Interview with Patricia over the phone- generic
    2nd- In house on South 15th street. Robbie asked me, "What makes you a strong employee? Why should I hire you?" I drove to Center City for an interview that lasted 10 minutes. Underwhelming.
    3rd- A 3 person group interview with Ram! He talks about how successful he was in Michigan, Manhattan, and several other places. After an hour, you debate the two other people in the room. Be prepared! He may ask questions such as, "Which is better: Donuts or bagels? Boxers or briefs? Pizza or Chinese?" *Maybe this is supposed to see if you are gullible enough to go along with it?
    4th- Full day walking around lying to people about their electric bill. Saying they "Have been assessed penalty charges." Deceptive marketing. After that, you will learn that they offer $150/week as a stipend, and that after 4-6 weeks; you may receive a full time offer to make $10k-20k/year + commission.

    Avoid it. Avoid Patricia, and her 215 phone number. Avoid Robbie, the "hiring manager". Avoid Ram and Annamika. Avoid Bode, Chris, and the Indian guy at the front desk who never smiles.

    It is all a scam. Let them know to stop:

    1. Additionally, avoid New World Marketing. Same people.

  10. I just got an email from Patricia who is with Philadelphia Business Partners. This must be one of their aliases, because they have the same address as New World Marketing, and Global Marketing Consultants. Fortunately I did my research and wrote this little email back to her:

    Dear Patricia,

    I tried looking for your company online, but haven't been able to find anything on Philadelphia Business Partners. I tried the domain name you have in your email (, but that just has a coming soon page. Then I found out that you have also gone by 2 other company names in just the past 9 months ( The email you sent me looks like it was cut pasted, with the three different font sizes.

    Please do not contact me again.

  11. LOL looking at the comment above mine, I see that I was right about "PBP"
    they are using the same address and wanted to set up an interview tomorrow. Pretty sad when you can't get a search result on the company name but the address shows you this page right away.. they promise paid training entry level start at 40-42k. Oh yeah and I especially love the part about getting tickets to sporting events and such.
    Well looks like I will not be going on an interview tomorrow either. Thanks to everyone who posted here!
    Here is my copy/pasted email response from PBC (part of it anyway, I am sure it is the same exact email that they send to everyone:

    Congratulations Stacey!

    Thank you for submitting your resume. We were very impressed. After careful consideration we are very excited to say that you have been selected for a preliminary interview. We are looking for superb candidates for our strategy consultant position.

    We have already initiated the interviewing process and anticipate filling the open positions immediately. Out of the numerous resumes received we have chosen a select few to begin interviewing with us. To ensure an opportunity, kindly email us with your immediate availability for this week. We currently still have spots available for an in person interview on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2-4. We're booking in 20 min time slots. We will respond back by the next business day.

    We would like to take this time to give you some additional background on our company as well as a few of our clients.

    Philadelphia Business Partners manages the strategic marketing & sales consulting operations for 37 multi-billion dollar clients. We are currently looking for ambitious candidates with exceptional problem solving skills to help increase revenue generation on behalf of our clients.


    Our clients are looking for massive expansion in the next year. Our company’s goal is to assist in their needs by bringing on exceptional individuals that we can cross train in a multitude of skill sets, to where they can be a part of our global team and help with future expansions endeavors in a partnership capacity. Our goal at PBP is to move past the generic employer-employee relationship and build a foundation for future business partners.

    With that being said we are looking for some key characteristics in the individuals that we would like to bring on board. They must be ambitious, motivated, competitive, outgoing and determined with a stellar work ethic.

    Our company offers:
    - Outstanding growth & travel opportunities across the U.S & Europe, Latin America & Asia
    - Paid Training- If selected compensation ranges from $40K - $45K + Bonuses
    - Team focused environment with an expense account and MBA classroom instruction
    - Weekly Office Sponsored Networking Events & Exclusive Sports Tickets

    When you join PBP, you'll have an opportunity to work across all types of industries, with all kinds of clients:
    Large multinational corporations
    Leading private equity firms
    Midsize companies
    Small start-ups
    Nonprofit organizations

  12. when you guys applied for this position at pbp did you get a lady on the phone named michelle?

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