Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Nars Group, Inc (Farmington Hills, MI)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state "face to face" and "no experience required". If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid base salary plus commission or commission-only? Are there company benefits?

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

Who or what is a Nars?
What does Nars Group sell?

The Nars Group, Inc
34119 W. 12 Mile Rd Suite 200
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
(248) 848-9466

Domain name:
Creation Date: 20 October 2011

K Marketing Group, Inc is also located in suite 200.

10 Additional Locations? Really?

10 Cities - No contact information (address, phone number, website) found on website.
Cleveland, Ohio (Multiple locations)
Columbus, Ohio (Multiple locations)
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois (Multiple locations)
St. Louis, Missouri
Indianapolis, Indiana
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Richmond, Virginia
Buffalo, NY
Norwalk, CT

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Searched for: THE NARS GROUP, INC.
ID Num: 04173M  
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit Corporation
Resident Agent: DANA SAAD
Registered Office Address: 34119 W 12 MILE RD STE 200  FARMINGTON HILLS   MI  49331
Mailing Address:   MI 
Formed Under Act Number(s): 284-1972          
Incorporation/Qualification Date: 9-29-2011
Jurisdiction of Origin: MICHIGAN


  1. The NARS group is pretty much affiliated with this post:

    They go around selling office supplies door to door. Don't get hired in with this company.. if you can even call it that. It's to lure in recent college graduates who don't know better.

  2. The NARS Group is definitely a scam. A recruiter called me today in regards to an Account Manager Position. I scheduled my appt for next week not knowing they were a scam company. In the email sent to me specifically for the account manager position it states the following...

    • One-on-one sales presentations to commercial business accounts on behalf of Quill (owned by Staples)
    • Interviewing
    • Training
    • Campaign management
    • Team leadership

    • Weekly base salary plus commission

    We Offer:
    • Advancement Opportunities into Human Resources and Management
    • Salary plus Commission
    • Fun & Exciting Environment
    • Domestic & International Travel

    Please refrain from responding if you are looking for any of the following:
    • Residential door to door
    • Get rich quick scheme
    • Home based business
    • Telemarketing
    • Financial investment
    • Graphic design
    • IT

    AFTER SEARCHING THE INTERNET THE ABOVE INFO I READ DIDNT SEEM RIGHT..I called the 2488489466 number and spoke with a woman and asked her numerous questions. NARS is just like Primerica and Vector Marketing. Please Beware...The position as a Account Manager consist of the following..I would need to travel no more than 20 miles door to door (businesses only) demonstrating quill products and how those products will benefit, then collect clients from there. THIS IS NOT A REAL CAREER. I hope that by me posting this I am helping a lot of people. I am just like you (whomever is reading this), I don't have time to waste with employment. By the way I will be posting this exact msg on, it's easier for me to copy and paste it (SO PLEASE KNOW THAT MY COMMENT IS REAL) Good luck with your job search!!.

    1. I just wanted to add I knew this was a scam off the bat.. Something didn't add up..This guy was telling I was going to be a manager and they're putting together my team right now and all they need is a manager and that is me!! I basically got very little information on the job until they convinced me to come in. I did it out of respect because I didn't know better.

      Anyway, this lady told me I was going to start out as an entry level account manager and in 6-12 months I'd make at least 32,000-42,000.... then I'd move into a branch manager which would be 60,000+ then id move into something else that would be 6 digits...

      My interview performance was terrible. However, they said they were going to have to sit down and review the candidates and if I got a phone call at 4:30 I'd be able to come to the second interview!

      I was so skeptical then i went ahead and googled this company and found this.. Nice to see that my gut instinct paid off. I canceled right away

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I was contacted by NARS Group and set up an interview for tomorrow just to see what they had to offer but I decided to google the company after reading this, I'm definitely canceling it.

  4. I received a phone call of the same manner and was all ready to drive to Farmigton Hills, but not after reading this. Thank you for the heads up!

  5. I just received a call from this company, I asked for the correct spelling of the company so that I would not waste time, gas, babysitter money, to go to Farmington Hills for nothing. Thank You.

  6. I have a interview tomorrow with a company at the same address 34119 W. 12 Mile Rd. in Farmington Hills, MI. The company name is J T M Drive...Whole Sale Division being a Acct Mgr....Starting to wonder if this is real...

  7. Wow, this is super disappointing. Received a call from them today after applying for jobs all week, I was surprised at the speedy response but I currently work for a company that reached out to candidates sometimes the same day of applying. With that said, didn't think much of it.

    I scheduled my interview for tomorrow and got an email from an actual gmail account which raised an eyebrow. Also, the link to the website in which they provided wasn't acurate. Still excited about the opportunity, I googled some information and came across all of this being a scam. I also talked to a friend of mine who actually went through the same thing only to have the same results.

  8. Thanks for the heads up! I got a email after applying online yesterday from and like others here I was actually excited and even took the survey they sent in the email. It is a shame that so many have gone through this. Thanks again

  9. Dana H Saad is president of THE NARS GROUP and used JPM Drive to recruit under her company. Last I heard she was looking to switch companies from quill to direct energy. She may also change the name of her company entirely. She wears colored contacts and has fried blonde hair. A New recruiter every few months. Please beware.

  10. As stated before about Dana Saad opening a new business she has and that name is under JACOB JAMES INC. located at 3270 W Big Beaver Rd
    Suite 430 Troy, MI 48084. Do not be fooled!