Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EQ New York (North Brunswick, NJ)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits? 

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

No Records Found for EQ New York - New York Secretary of State
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EQ New York states they have locations in New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island, but the only contact information provided on their website is for New York, NY.  Their email address is for information while their provided telephone number is for human resources.
Update January 2014:
EQ New York has moved to New Jersey.

New Jersey Office
EQ New York
2 King Arthur Court
Lower Level
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Contact Information
Human Resources

EQ New York
690 8th Avenue Floor 5
New York, NY 10036
Human Resources: (212) 537-6721

Created on 2012-03-15

EQ started a decade ago in Saint Louis, MO in the marketing and sales industry. 

EQ New York is a premiere [sic], privately owned and operated sales and marketing firm in New York City's Time Square looking to fill ENTRY LEVEL sales and marketing positions. We are located in Times Square. We also have locations in New Jersey, Westchester, and Long Island.


  1. I am going to an interview with EQ New York....
    So it is a direct sell company? It looks like a direct sell company to me. I have been researching EQ New York but can't find much.

    1. haha.. It is just going door to door, selling TV services of Verizon to people living in Brooklyn, etc. Verizon, the name will be informed after mentioning top 500 companies or something and then comes : currently Verizon is our client!
      The job can be frustrating, but they call it challenging.

      It is simple, you can BECOME A DIRECT AGENT TO VERIZON, DON'T have to go through this or any agencies, that is IF you had to do this work.

      There are MANY OTHER agencies, companies who are affiliated to Verizon, do the same work (maybe sitting in a mall) but will pay you like $10 base salary PLUS commission.. whereas here they are ONLY commission based job. Which means it will lead you to frustration if you don't make a sale. Do you want to have a living on IF someone buys TV services from you? I don't agree with that.
      I am disclosing all this because the way they master is deceiving new interviewers on the first day of interview, by not giving COMPLETE INFORMATION AND LYING TO YOU. Manipulation, is all about sales.
      But I salute their confidence, because they beat you, everytime a person who goes to interview and in told with a big smile that he/she is ''hired'' IS EXACTLY WHEN THEY MAKE A SALE!
      They use their sales techniques on their employees - which is worst things of all. Thus they not only teach you how to deceive a client, but they deceive and lie to YOU, by using their ''sales techniques'' on you.
      There may also come a time, when they may not pay you even though you made a sale! That's when it hits you the most. I got myself cleared otherwise I had decided to report them to Verizon for false information being provided and stealing from emplyoees.

      I agree with every alphabet of this article and appreciate the bloggers effort.

      All they have a is a well faced European receptionist, who can be rude sometimes !

  2. I work there. It is challenging work. There's nothing unethical or wrong with the business model.

  3. Do we know if this company is a scam or not? What do they make you do exactly?

    1. It's a total scam.. Don't trust it

  4. Okay, so I did some research and dug deeper, bc the story above seems like he doesn't really know, and just got stuff online. Here's what I figured out:

    They do Events, Business to Business Sales, Fundraising, and Promotions.

    They do offer a base plus commission (entry level range). They only offer commission to people with absolutely no experience, and usually that is only a few weeks. Benefits are offered after 90 days.

    They are part of the BBB and New York Chamber of Commerce.

    They work with Non-Profits as well as For-Profits.

    They do have locations in St Louis, Dallas, Arkansas, New Jersey, New York (westchester and long island in addition to the city)

    They are located at 690 8th ave, Fl 5 NY, NY. They also have their HR number on their job ads, but on their website it is the office (I met the woman who I called in person).

    In my opinion, it seemed like a legit and busy event marketing firm. They had a charity client in the lobby when I went there, and they seemed happy with the fundraising EQ New York was doing for them.

    I am going to take the position.

  5. I went there yesterday and the day before. This company is a pyramid scheme. They lure you in thinking they provide a base when in fact there isn't one. It's all commission. No benefits are provided at all. I was told they reimburse a measly 75 dollars a month if a person shows that they pay out of pocket for health insurance. What is 75 dollars? You will be going door to door knocking trying to get people to use Verizon in whatever territory you are given no matter the weather. I was out yesterday in 30 degrees on a so called unpaid "job shadow" in Coney Island. Stay Away.. And run for the hills. This company has a seedy looking office on 690 8th Avenue. Don't trust it.

  6. What about the NEW Jersey branch?? Are they corrupt, I have an interview tomorrow?

  7. I received an unsolicited email with an interview time and directions to their office in New Jersey. Had never heard of them much less applied for an interview before I got an email from them. But, it was addressed to my name.

  8. Hahahaha mentally retarded.. when you say it is legit~! Go see a doctor

  9. Well guess I will not be going for my interview tomorrow!!! Thx!!!

  10. I went to the first interview before I WENT to my real job and I have the second interview tomorrow from 11:30am-5 thank you for all the information I will not be calling out of my job tomorrow!!!

  11. I got scammed by Sadik Kokan (Sam) in the New Brunswick office. He signed me up with Verizon and said my bill would be $140 and I just got my 1st bill for almost $600 and Verizon basically told me I am shit of of luck (jessica @ verizon - supervisor- id # 511823). Sadik wont return my texts or calls or emails. Here is his info: 201-687-0191 and Sadik.Kokan@eqcharity.com
    I was told I could file police charges, which I am this weekend when I am off from work. They need to be shut down