Monday, March 25, 2013

Verity Concepts, Inc (Concord, CA)

Beware of attractive, but possibly deceptive job ads which offer entry-level training in management, marketing, and sales especially if the ads state no experience required. If you decide to interview with such a company, ask many questions before accepting employment. Will you be paid minimum wage or commission? Are there company benefits?

People who interview with Cydcor affiliates are told they have the opportunity to be trained for marketing, management, sales, public relations, advertising, human resources so they can open their own office.What the job seekers are not told is that they are trained to open new independently owned corporate licensee offices thus repeating the recruiting cycle.

Beware of invitations for an all-day second "interview". If you decide to go to the second "interview", wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing lots of walking trying to sell door-to-door.

Do you really want to use your college degree to sell Quill office supplies or AT&T DSL/telephone services door-to-door for commission pay?

Verity Concepts, Inc
2151 Salvio Street
Suite #252
Concord, CA 94520
Ph: (925) 692-0016

Verity Concepts, Inc states on their LinkedIn job ad that they have expanded nationally to 10 offices throughout 6 states yet Verity Concepts was incorporated on July 9, 2012.

California Secretary of State Business Entity search for
Verity Concpets, Inc shows corporation address is the same
as Impact Group International,

Entity Number: C3487405
Date Filed: 07/09/2012
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 2950 BUSKIRK AVE STE 300
Entity City, State, Zip: WALNUT CREEK CA 94597
Agent for Service of Process: FURAT ALTUFAILI
Agent Address: 2950 BUSKIRK AVE STE 300
Agent City, State, Zip: WALNUT CREEK CA 94597

Creation Date: 21-aug-2012

From job ad:
We have expanded nationally to 10 offices throughout 6 states, and based on client demands are expected to double in size to 20 offices in 2013.


  1. Ugh, my sister and I both have interviews at Verity tomorrow morning... We live two cities away, and I'm a divorced, single mom. I really don't have the money to waste on another fruitless interview. Why aren't there laws against deceptive advertising of job postings like this? I really need a job with Guaranteed pay but I keep being preyed on by companies like this.

  2. Thank you for this post! Saved me time and gas!

  3. Thanks so much for this! Saved me the time and money of getting over there!

  4. thnk u so much for ur fruitful infomation i just spoke to their HR she told me the same thing wat u have said in the above,,,, thnks for saving my time and money also

  5. This is Ian Sturges, managing partner at Verity Concepts, Inc. First and foremost we want to thank the blogger for pointing out that particular section on our job advertisement. We will do our due diligence to make sure there is no confusion in what our goals or expansion rate are. To clear any confusion, our Concord, CA office is a branch office. The expansion that we were referring to is that of our main office in Dallas, TX. The first day we opened our doors is 7/9/2012 as stated above.
    If interested in talking to me personally I would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions honestly and accurately. Our goal is not to mislead, lie or deceive people; it is to give people an honest opportunity at growing through a program that focuses on the success of the individual as well as the team.

    Here is my office phone #: 925.692.0016
    and my email address:

    I would love to spend some time with the author and go over my entire business in full transparency.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.