Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hardball, Inc (Pleasanton, CA)

The job is to sign up customer leads inside of Home Depot stores for kitchen and bathroom refacing.

U.S. Remodelers, a The Home Depot company, manufactures or procures, designs, sells and installs custom kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing products and organizational storage systems for closets and garages.

Hardball, Inc
(925) 734-9100
5627 Stoneridge Drive #313
Pleasanton, California 94588
Hardball, Inc.'s sole aim for home improvement companies is to help them to generate leads and market their products.

Specializing in the home improvement industry, Hardball, Inc. offers sales and lead generation for some of the sector's most exciting products. We're here to help clients maintain and expand the dominance they have in the market with techniques that are tried and tested. With 100s of millions in revenue secured for clients over five years, and growth of 154%, we definitely play hardball.

Creation Date: 2013-11-26

Contact Info
Phone (925) 734-9100
Email rep@hardballca.com
Website http://hardballca.com

Specializing in the home improvement industry, Hardball, Inc. offers sales and lead generation for some of the sector's most exciting products.

According to the California Secretary of State, no listing found for "Hardball, Inc" in Pleasanton, CA.

According to the Alameda County Clerk, no listing found for "Hardball, Inc" as a result of fictitious business name search.


  1. Couldn't be appreciative more about you creating this blog! THX!!!

    Now I have a new interview from a company name Prestige Management in Richardson, TX, which is an in-store marketing company (that's what they call themselves). I've seen one of your blog post which revealed a California in-store marketing firm name Prestige something is a fraud. So I want a consultancy on this one.

    Their web: http://pm-dfw.com/about-us/
    Their job post: http://jobview.monster.com/GetJob.aspx?JobID=128823444&aid=122666251&uid=100010209DE51BE25EB1FBFC41165B5614CA0A6C11D0017C0D5462775BB856E718719028E0DAEFA030575AAE20BDF5D328D844F15225E633F06839A53624F8DD62B0D130FE7324C305F5E9C40151483E580AF5&ExpLevel=JS3&Exp=JP4&Score=0.7773713085996289&rank=6&imp=10&WT.mc_n=PSAAHG10_app_js

    I felt odd because I just sent my application yesterday afternoon and the HR name Stephane Rovelo wrote back to me at 11:45pm!! He said he "would like to bring me in for a brief interview to further discuss career opportunities and schedule a one-on-one interview", and let me call him today. So Please reply to me if anyone knows this Prestige Management in Richardson TX is a scam. !!!

    1. I'm eager to know, what happened?

  2. Hi, just wanted to comment to let you know that I got a call back from a company at the same address listed here, and they are listed as "Power Position Group" but are EXACTLY the same company that you described.... sounds fishy... but their reviews on glassdoor.com are stellar! A little TOO stellar... like all 5 stars stellar! Except for one at the bottom, which stated that the company pushed you to sell sell sell like crazy with no training, on a 6 day/wk schedule, and don't pay you what is due.

    1. Yes they are indeed the same company. Look at my post...

  3. They change their name to Power Position Group. I applied on Indeed and they have sent me several emails and finally called me and gave me a date to interview. It seemed fishy because they were extremely thirsty in trying to reach me. They are not official and she said quickly its outside sales on purpose, but I caught it. She said it was for AT&T, but I decided to look up this so called company and everyone on the website looks unpolished. I knew right then something was amiss. I decided to look further and found out that they were once in trouble as Hardball, Inc so they decided to change their name, but they kept the same address. If I will be with a bunch of slick talkers I'd rather it be for myself on my terms knowing to me. They are training people to be sales people outside, but dress professional--look the part all day on your feet while signing up people for AT&T service. Nobody has time for that low-level hustle.